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Why are we so offended when someone lies to us?

If it is true that all people lie, then we have all had the experience of lying to someone and being lied to by someone. Sometimes lying could be necessary for the sake of maintaining safety or civility. Yet if we are comfortable in lying then why are we so offended when someone lies to us?


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  • Da Way

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    Sep 28 2013: A lot of the time we are offended because we feel under-estimated.
    The thought that "You think I couldn't see straight through your lies, do you think I'm stupid!?" occurs a lot subconciously when we see through someone's lies.
    When you lie to someone, in a way, you are making the assumption that you can successfully deceive them, and hence you are implying you can out-wit them or more intellegent than they are in some way.
    • Sep 28 2013: So what you speculate is that perhaps we are offended by a lie when we think the liar believes that they are smarter than us and essentially believe we are stupid. What offends us is not so much the lie but the sense that the liar thinks we are stupid. It is the negative label and not the lie that is offensive.
      • W T 100+

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        Sep 28 2013: I have a perfect example of this.

        A few years back I walked into a garden center and asked one of the employees....."You don't have potting soil in a smaller bag do you? And his answer......"You yourself have said it mam"

        Inside I was boiling..........because #1, he was from a country whose culture I know very well.
        and #2, I was very familiar with how certain individuals from that culture use that phrase to lie in a discreet way.

        I just smiled and walked to the back of the garden section, where I proceeded to get the soil in a small bag and buy it.

        I never did see that employee again. Don't know if they fired him or what............but the bugger was a big fat liar.......and I definitely took umbrage with his lie.

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