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The 'your child is gifted' predisposition.

Have you heard a parent say this to another parent "Your child is so gifted..."? Then you are at the right place. Parents often believe some children are gifted, while it may be true in some cases such as Mozart or was he? I believe every child is 'gifted' and that it is our job as parents to open the beautiful gift wrapped up so tightly by the creator. Agree or disagree, I would love to hear from my friends here on TED. The aim of this conversation is to share the wonderful gift of life we have in our children and how as parents, as their guardians, we have the most crucial responsibilities during the early days of childhood and how it may well shape our future generation.


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  • Sep 22 2013: Let me use an analogy, each person is like a plot of land and the fertility of the land is based on the person's genes but the cultivation is based on the environment of which parents/family/society play a major role. The most fertile land will produce nothing if poorly cultivated and the less fertile land will produce a great person if cultivated correctly. That is key correctly, since each plot of land is different.

    each plot of land is gifted but the cultivation is needed to make it visible.
    • Sep 22 2013: Very good analogy! Yes. And to add to your analogy, Instead of cultivating them organically, we are using 'fertilisers' in an attempt to produce a 'bumper crop'. I can share another example as an analogy extension to the above. We used to live in a house several years ago which had a piece of land attached to it. It did look wild when we first moved in. But slowly as we started living we realised that the piece of wild land was actually so fertile that just dropping a few seeds of runner beans we had a vine of them running on our wall. We then used it as area to produce vegetables and we had tomatoes, beans, pumpkins, squashes, chillies, peppers, many flowers, a banana plant and a guava plant and we produced so much that we shared with our neighbours. All we had to do was find a spot and throw in the seeds. Thats it! Keeping in line with the analogy of a fertile field, if we provide a fertile ground for our kids at home they will thrive in it and as well be a great student for their teachers outside. As the famous saying goes 'Charity begins at Home' , Parents are a very important source of inspiration for their kids and thus every child is a special gift which comes with its own uniqueness into this world.

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