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The 'your child is gifted' predisposition.

Have you heard a parent say this to another parent "Your child is so gifted..."? Then you are at the right place. Parents often believe some children are gifted, while it may be true in some cases such as Mozart or was he? I believe every child is 'gifted' and that it is our job as parents to open the beautiful gift wrapped up so tightly by the creator. Agree or disagree, I would love to hear from my friends here on TED. The aim of this conversation is to share the wonderful gift of life we have in our children and how as parents, as their guardians, we have the most crucial responsibilities during the early days of childhood and how it may well shape our future generation.


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    Sep 21 2013: I absolutely agree with you, yet I don't see in saying 'Your child is so gifted...' that all other children aren't.

    I usually get sensitive if the parents themselves talk about their 'so gifted' children, especially if I am having problems to share those views ... :o)
    • Sep 21 2013: Yes. You are right. I would be too and thats why I think parents who think other children are really gifted and theirs are just usual are undermining themselves and the opportunities they can provide for their children. All children are gifted and if you stand in a school waiting area waiting for your child, you can meet wonderful parents who have the same dreams for their children. Yet we see parents talking about different struggles on a day to day basis. There is no magic solution to all our parenting challenges because children and the times they are living in is always different. But we could definitely be good parents by continuously improvising and learning from our surroundings.
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        Sep 21 2013: Absolutely!

        And it is plain irony that many high talented children are put in special schools for educationally handicapped pupils, just because no one noticed, that they have just been bored to death in those 'normal' schools, which forced them to become 'difficult'.

        Yet I am afraid that our current education system isn't oriented by the individual talents of our children, as they have been designed as conveyor-belt production machines for our economies, in which 'talent' isn't a variable for most of the working people.

        So parents definitely are the pivot point of stability in our children's education and to nurture their talents wherever possible. Otherwise not much change is to be expected in our societies.
        • Sep 22 2013: Excellent point! Well said. Yes. That is exactly what I am trying to get at, that we as parents have such a pivotal role in shaping our children's destiny. But more than too often we leave the responsibility entirely to teachers and schools that we completely entrust our children to.
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        Sep 23 2013: '... that we as parents have such a pivotal role in shaping our children's destiny.'

        Especially on this part parents should be very, very careful as many of them tend to see their children as an extension of their own 'ego' instead of seeing their children as self-determined beings.

        This isn't easy at all, as it sometimes requires to support given talents who doesn't deem 'useful' to us, especially in the context in what career path our children get interested in.

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