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Is a theory that we are all somehow half the other person in most of the things we do

if you examine yourself very closely or people next to you , you find that in everything you do be in class,work, neighborhood, we are constantly imitating peoples characters,ways, in which they do that certain things. For example students in a med class tend to look-up to some successful doctors and try to live up like them, in doing so they are living half the character of that person, and when they succeed other students will take that half and construct on it too. we are half of other people, if you like someone because he is cool, we find ourselves living a huge part of ourselves like that person, no one is his own, we copy half of others people's . Hence proposing a theory that man is half the other man. this can be seen also in artists they say they were inspired by certain great artists but even when already successful they still act,look,perform like their inspiration artist. They already half of the other people. I think if we do realize that we cant succeed without halving other people then we may give value to all human beings because this shows how well we are one and connected to each other more than ever.


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    Sep 28 2013: Da Way, thanks for the read and the beautiful input, I didnt think of animals but that is so true. Will have more thinking on this subject..

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