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How easy is it to sell a movie idea/treatment?

I have many movie ideas but I don't know what to do with them. I'm guessing its not that easy especially if you don't have the right connections. Or is it?

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    Gord G

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    Sep 21 2013: To splash a little cold water...thousands of people work in the entertainment industry and they all have ideas. An undeveloped idea seems like it has great potential because it lacks a definitive form. A movie is a complex form of storytelling that incorporates a multitude of aptitudes and skills to communicate a specific point of view. In addition, there are many factors completely unrelated to the idea that need to be considered.

    This is not to say you shouldn't attempt to get a movie produced if you really believe in it. What I'm saying idea isn't enough. It's the starting point.
  • Oct 19 2013: Much easier now than in 1924 or 1589! Now you can find a million people online who would like to write, edit, vote-on/develop a good story, or etc. Then find some who want to have some experience acting, making props, etc. Then find a crowd-sourcing web site for funding.
    I have similar concerns as well; ideas, ideas - {but not a single million in the bank}.)

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    Sep 20 2013: Yes, it's easier said than done.
    But they say "Nothing is impossible", just give it a shot, you'll find a way out.