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Is killing human nature

People kill all of the time but is it in our nature


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    Sep 21 2013: I think human nature has not always been the same, and that our ancestors' (specifically right before we stopped evolving because of our dominance) lifestyle can be evident in our current nature. First off, I am by no means an anthropologist and only know things about cavemen or whatever you want to call them from less than reliable, but believable sources. Since our male ancestors had to kill for food (this makes sense to me as I'm sure at one time we were less evolved and were more animalistic; also makes sense that is was the males hunting as we are the physically larger gender of our species (and even if our current imbalance of size is the effect, the logic still works)), I believe that evolved males have a strong killing sense. Our male ancestors that did not have a killing sense were not likely to survive or procreate (as I'd assume that women were more likely to have sex with someone that they thought could feed their family).

    Hopefully that was coherent (feel free to ask questions) and thanks for the question!

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