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What are the essentials of a modern day office space?

I have seen several ted talks that talk about how good ventilation, plants etc but i am wondering as to what all facilities including electronic, environmental etc are required in a modern day office space.

  • Sep 21 2013: rest rooms, coffee mess areas w/sink, refrigerator space, web network capabilities; away to get away from noisy hallway traffic, loud phone conversations, and similar distractions to think; flat space to write and lay out materials, a comfortable seat; the capability to stand to do work; windows; child care facilities; pet care facilities; employee lunchrooms and common areas; exercise areas; atriums with flowing water sounds and calming music.
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      Sep 21 2013: Wow, I can't see pet care facilities In Shanghai. So advanced in your country.
      • Sep 21 2013: Oh, dear...

        I missed the 'essentials' thing all together and went down the path of 'nice to haves'. There are places that have all of these things, and I think the work places of the future might strive to achieve many from this list to keep employees happy, but essentials?

        Essentials might be closer to a place to sit, a place out of the weather, bathrooms, and a table or something like it.
  • Sep 21 2013: Going in a different direction - yes it is nice to work in a nice place but mgmt, people you work with, the ability to make a difference, the freedom to argue your point of view, time to do your work, did i say the people/team, etc. are far more important than the extra stuff - don't get me wrong - take a look at SAS in NC and you will see all that and more -considered a great place to work.

    but it is the team/people with the ability and time to create great products and solve interesting problems.
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    Sep 21 2013: Good list!
    I'd like to add a little bit of natural daylight...