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i need some thoughts for this question


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    Sep 22 2013: Great ideas always are shaped in changing something, or creating something, be a tool or ways of using a tool, be laws or how to deal with law breakers all in all great ideas have a big significant impact, and people normally take them as dangerous because in one way or the other they will change their normal operations,thinking or even relations..So i don't think they are dangerous but rather terrifying to society. Imagine having an idea that in times of unemployment rates all govt jobs were to be done in shifts, having two ministers sort of, were one works from 8am to 12pm, then another comes for the afternoon shift . this would look like an idea for job sharing, but it will look dangerous (or rather given an identity of dangerous ) by those who are already in office scared to share the pay cheque but would it sound dangerous to the unemployed? not all.
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      Sep 22 2013: Hi Blaise,

      Do you think that it is fear between old and new ideas?

      That sounds right to me.

      What kind of fear is this?

      I am old - I have tasted many flavours of fear.

      Old men are full of questions - no answers.

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