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i need some thoughts for this question


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    Sep 20 2013: No.
    • Sep 21 2013: Can you give me an example of an idea that's not dangerous?
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        Sep 21 2013: The word "always" in the original question is iffy. Certainly, many great ideas have been dangerous to certain segments - often power segments - of society. But can we prove "always"? I don't think so.

        But as I searched for an example of a non-dangerous great idea, Isaac Newton's new ideas about the laws of motion came to mind. These explained much that was unexplainable before, and they made sense to most people. But then he expanded them in the Principia, where he showed that these laws required a solar system with the sun at the (approximate) center. The Catholic church had not yet come to grips with the proofs of a heliocentric solar system from a hundred years earlier, so they were indeed threatened by Newton's ideas. (At the time you still bet your life if you opposed the Catholic church.)

        We may not be able to prove that great ideas "always" are dangerous, but most of the time they probably are.
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          Sep 21 2013: Balance the federal budget in the USA. World peace. Eliminate hunger;corruption;greed; injustice; war; and evil.
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        Sep 22 2013: "Love your neighbour as part of yourself" is not a dangerous idea with respect to ultimate truth, but it might be considered a dangerous idea to those whose power-position in the world is derived from the idea "divide and rule".
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      Sep 22 2013: "Balance the federal budget in the USA. World peace. Eliminate hunger;corruption;greed; injustice; war; and evil."

      Balance the federal budget in the US? Why not just do away with the whole monetary system? The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over. Over decades the budget goes up, down, up, down, up, rock bottom (depression/recession), up (booming). The whole US is on bipolar medications! Not me, eff that. Wow, how ironic, eh? lol
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        Sep 22 2013: I guess I am guilty of using the phrase "balance the budget" when I should say "pay-off all debt and do not accrue any more, ever!" In reality that might require replacing the money, I am not sure. Anyway, I don't think it is a dangerous idea, and I am sure it is a great idea.
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          Sep 22 2013: Not calling ya out for an incorrect phrase, Ed. Does it cause anyone to suffer in a way they could do more for society but are competed with on an individual level, starve more, or more people without shelter? If it does then it's not a good idea. How can we pay off all debt without causing suffering in the world in extreme ways? I'd say let them have it and create a new system.
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        Sep 22 2013: RE: "Not calling ya out. . . ". I know you want to scrap the current system, but how about an all-out effort to restore it to what it once was before giving up? No need to cause more suffering (for Americans). Rather reduce suffering by taking hundreds of billions from foreign aid and use it to get every able-bodied person back to work with a job and a home. We can still help those WHO CANNOT HELP THEMSELVES, but for the freeloaders it's back to work. We are off-topic.
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          Sep 23 2013: Hey Ed, come look at what happened to the topic of this conversation.
          Notice anything different?

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