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Parents should have no say in how their children are raised.

Children don't pick their parents, so why should their parents have any say in how they are raised?

Shouldn't society determine how all children are raised? At least they would fit very well into the society. Moreover, it's probably better to be raised in a way determined by an entire society rather than one determined by some random parents in that society.

A direct (not representative) democracy could be used to determine how a society raises all of its children. The resulting legally binding parenting guide could change over time.

Sure, not all children are the same. But the parenting guide could take that into account.


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    Feb 16 2011: first of all , family is the main atom of the community. actually it's a small community itself.
    ok I got a question for you . Do you think by following you idea, then will there be any development or raising in any community?? if its individuals are just copies of each others (since you are thinking of raising the kids same way) , yea i know every kid has his own personality , but do you think this personality will not fade after this huge attempt to fuse this person with a community he didn't pick in the first place ??
    plus, here we go back to the first point, the kid hasn't picked his community either so it's not more fair to get him raised by his community rather than his family.

    and I will quote a sentence from my Kris here as she says :
    "If you are referring to parents who are given the freedom to do truly harmful things to their children in the name of choice, then I'm with you".

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