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Whats the one class school is missing

Schools have four or five core classes depending on the district and many different electives but what is the one class that the schools are missing


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  • Sep 23 2013: It's not for any disrespect of the teacher but he believes fully being the sixteen year old he is that it doesn't matter. He walks in and i will ask him what did he learn in each class and he will respond to what did you learning health with. " Stuff I could give a F***k about" and keep in mind this is and all A student.
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      Sep 24 2013: My high schooler fully enjoyed the Nutrition Class given by the school.
      The actual class was on Health.....but the articles within the book, and the candid way with which they approached the delicate subject matters within the curriculum was so well done, that a lot of wonderful home discussions ensued due to the class.

      Hmm....that is too bad about your son.

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