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Whats the one class school is missing

Schools have four or five core classes depending on the district and many different electives but what is the one class that the schools are missing

  • Sep 21 2013: Practical personal finance would be good elective.

    Applied citizenship would be a good class (Community, Nation & World).

    Applied Emergency Preparedness (First Aid, Safety and Lifesaving) would be a good class.

    Family life-roles, responsibilities, issues, problems, support, and communications would be a good class.
  • Sep 23 2013: I think it really depends on your definition of "school." Are we talking about high school, middle school, elementary, or college courses? As far as high school goes, there have been a lot of good ideas thrown out already, and I would suggest another: Planning for the Future. Not just personal finance, but actually how to conduct day-to-day life operations and plan for yourself so that you are actually working towards tangible life goals in whatever your post-high school plans are. Teach kids how to set life goals, and then reach out to the right people, organizations, or companies to get started on the right path.
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    Sep 21 2013: Philosophy at lower levels.
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      Sep 22 2013: I absolutely agree with you! I needn't say more. :)
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    Sep 29 2013: Communication skills.

    For all levels. If you are shy you can work on confidence. If you tend to waffle on you can learn how to make concise points. If you are good at making lots of points you can work on how to convince others of your views. If you are good at getting others to follow your views maybe you need to work on listening to others' views.

    Communication skills can be improved in everyone.
  • Sep 24 2013: I'm not sure what it would be called, but I'd love to see a class that helped kids explore morality apart from religion. The suggestion for applied citizenship would be a necessary part of this, but I could envision this covering other things, in particular the effects that "good deeds" have on both the doer and the receiver, and most of all exercises to help develop empathy...something many kids are struggling with these days.
  • Sep 23 2013: It's not for any disrespect of the teacher but he believes fully being the sixteen year old he is that it doesn't matter. He walks in and i will ask him what did he learn in each class and he will respond to what did you learning health with. " Stuff I could give a F***k about" and keep in mind this is and all A student.
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      Sep 24 2013: My high schooler fully enjoyed the Nutrition Class given by the school.
      The actual class was on Health.....but the articles within the book, and the candid way with which they approached the delicate subject matters within the curriculum was so well done, that a lot of wonderful home discussions ensued due to the class.

      Hmm....that is too bad about your son.

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      • Sep 24 2013: Thank you Mary
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          Sep 25 2013: You're welcome Jacob. :)
  • Sep 23 2013: I disagree because having a child going through high school i know he and all of his class mates take health class as a joke an I feel they aren't benefiting from it
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      Sep 23 2013: Why do you think your child doesn't take the class seriously?
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    Sep 23 2013: nutrition and probably other health related studies
  • Sep 21 2013: A lot of people have suggested some very good courses. If I were to suggest 1 course, it would be public speaking. Too many of the people I hired had a hard time making good presentations or discussing topics in large meetings.
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    Sep 20 2013: What class is your school missing? Different schools offer different courses.