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Not innovating to zero, but to plus! (The new housebuilding standard: Energy-Plus-House)

Instead of innovating to Zero, there is a new concept for house building architecture which allows to produce more energy than to consume. The "Energy-Plus-House" standard combines thermal insulation standard (known from low energy houses) with renewables e.g. solar-panels, mini-windmills, heat pump and a battery storage. For this reason the "Energy-Plus-House" is also able to provide energy for mobility e.g. electric bikes or cars. A pilot project has been started by the German government at the of 2011 which will be the obligatory German house building standard by 2020.

The idea is to turn the "Energy-Plus-House" into a common global standard for all humans who live in the temperate and frigid climate zone.

Topics: climate change

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    Oct 9 2013: Matt, Excellent work.
    And I believe it makes my point that being green must be affordable too. If not, it ain't green. There is an undeniable relationship between affordable and green. So I believe.

    What is your take?
    • Matt K

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      Oct 9 2013: thanks. my idea is that we need a new TED-talk for this topic. The talk of Bill Gates is already almost 3 years old.

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