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  • Oct 9 2013: A city that is clean is inviting to its citizenry and visitor. Who can remember how Ed Koch transformed NYC from what it was 30 years ago into what it is now. City government needs to be visible within their economic obligation.

    Successful cities have large boulevards that ease transportation issues caused by over sized vehicles or public transportation infrastructure and can accommodate multi transportation modalities. Pedestrian pathways are clearly marked and pedestrian right -aways enforced. Signage is clear and not over used. Sidewalks are over sized. Local codes are enforced and the city is proactive in removing condemned or compromised structures. The city is also proactive in providing to the public, areas to remove debris or to offer rubage removal. Fire and police institutions are responsive to citizens concerns.

    Interactive and first response through phone or internet with out lengthy delays promotes public confidence in the city's authority and ability to solve problems. Enforcement of animal code compliance and strict rules for pet owners.

    Multiple centers for public documents and related civic permitting are convenient for the public. New public use plans are introduced and areas that were blighted are re purposed. Financial obligations that promote a cities civic health implemented and encouraged. Household recycling-solar panel installation, community gardens, cleaner public transportation. Hike and bike trails improved and promoted. Parks are maintained and tended too.

    City government is governed by single member districts with short terms allowing citizen panels and committees to have influence and decision making authority. Competent city staff. Contracting is transparent and conflict of interest rules enforced and encouraged.

    Local events are frequent and well organized and allow a city to develop civic pride for its citizenry.

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