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What if we used this physics engine/analysis tool that Eric Berlow and Sean Gourly to map socio-economic/political systems?

Imagine if, when politicians and economists and citizens wonder about the expenditures or structures of their governments, they could view it institution by institution in a graphical 3D "map". When we wonder about the next budget crisis, we can track each investment into and out of our society, and see who is in control of it along every step of the way. Maybe even contact those people in power and begin a different kind of conversation about fiscal policy.

This can also work for big business as well as big government. The investors can track the exact expenditures of each new project/development and evaluate the performance of their investments. What do you think?


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  • Sep 30 2013: Two projects come to mind:

    1. OpenSpending:
    collects budget and other governmental spending open data and helps you create visualizations with it. Pretty cool and large countries already have data loaded.

    2. Poderopedia:
    They've built a data collection engine and visual network platform for people in power networks. So you can easily visualize relationships between Obama and large Corporations, for example. The running version has data for Chile, but the code is OpenSource (CC 3.0) so you can download it, fork it, and try and run it with other data.

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