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What if we used this physics engine/analysis tool that Eric Berlow and Sean Gourly to map socio-economic/political systems?

Imagine if, when politicians and economists and citizens wonder about the expenditures or structures of their governments, they could view it institution by institution in a graphical 3D "map". When we wonder about the next budget crisis, we can track each investment into and out of our society, and see who is in control of it along every step of the way. Maybe even contact those people in power and begin a different kind of conversation about fiscal policy.

This can also work for big business as well as big government. The investors can track the exact expenditures of each new project/development and evaluate the performance of their investments. What do you think?

  • Sep 19 2013: "...we can track each investment into and out of our society,
    and see who is in control of it along every step of the way.
    Maybe even contact those people in power and begin a different
    kind of conversation about fiscal policy."
    The UK has that problem today.
    A 6.4 Billion Pound IT healthcare project, came in at 10 Billion Pounds and growing.
    The bigger problem. It doesn't work.
    map socio-economic/political systems?
    Fly me to the moon.
    Anyone can write history, and while it is said to repeat, it does.
    Use it instead to make Governments Honest.
    Start There.
  • Sep 30 2013: Two projects come to mind:

    1. OpenSpending:
    collects budget and other governmental spending open data and helps you create visualizations with it. Pretty cool and large countries already have data loaded.

    2. Poderopedia:
    They've built a data collection engine and visual network platform for people in power networks. So you can easily visualize relationships between Obama and large Corporations, for example. The running version has data for Chile, but the code is OpenSource (CC 3.0) so you can download it, fork it, and try and run it with other data.
  • Sep 25 2013: Malcolm Forbes
    You wrote -- ".Maybe even contact those people in power..."

    I've wanted to contact those people myself, but when I tried to email Lois Capps, my representative,
    the questions I had to answer, before the email would be accepted, were a bit intrusive.
    I gave up.

    I didn't want to make her my buddy, I just wanted to send her an email.
    What business is it of hers, who I am, as long as I claim to be a constituent ?

    Can you advise me how to overcome the reluctance of elected officials to take input from emails ?
    I already know that I can write to her by snail mail.
    But this ugly need to know from her email staff disturbs me.

    She certainly email me a lot. I am flooded with her emails.
    But they are only directed to the masses, telling everyone what she does.

    Houston, we have a problem...
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      Sep 25 2013: Seems a bit off-topic to me and that is the only thing e-mail really works for, group messages, sending attachments and making subscriptions. Filters (in person or automated) are needed in order to be able to use e-mail at all, certainly for executive and representative positions.

      On topic: what about the network tool? -> ->
      • Sep 25 2013: Vincent, Nothing from the link seemed to fit.
        We stand at a crossroads today.
        Obama wants to digitize US Government while I want to Integrisize it.
        He used some $183 Million Dollars of seed monies from Congress.
        Now he has let IT contracts totaling a future expenditure of $6 Billion.
        He has done nothing to pave the way. No cuts in the Military to
        provide this additional $6 Billion Dollar obligation.

        The UK just discovered their $6.4 Billion Pound Healthcare Boondoggle.
        The Price has gone to $10 Billion, and rising. It doesn't work.

        The UK's Boondoggle was for only the Healthcare program,
        Obama's is for the entire US Government.
        $60 Billion would not seem an unreasonable Boondoggle.

        Clearly Obama's eyes are bigger than the USA's ability to pay.
        Something must be cut.... I suggest it be Obama. ..Soon,
        Very Soon.

        Integrisize Government
      • Sep 26 2013: Vincent, I received a TED memo that you had replied, but found nada.
        Perhaps you hit delete.
        I just thought I would let you know.
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    Sep 23 2013: Even more impressive:
    "[..] To connect everyday life to an invisible reality, the one of ideas, concepts and philisophical questionings which the world is full of but that our eyes can't see."

    And combined with wisdom networks it would become a brilliant in my opinion:
    Quote Futurium (

    "A introduction presentation "European Wisdom Network (EWN) crowd creates productivity, growth, a single digital market and Network Society" is available at . A second presentation "Wisdom Networks crowd create Network Society" provides detail at . There are 3-4 other presentations that encompass equity market, SME growth and patient-centric healthcare. These are available at
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    Sep 23 2013: It is already going on:

    Page found by Mairi Foronda from comments in talk:
    On that webpage you find that microsoft intel, samsung, visa and banks are already clients for this big data technology.

    Data mining and mapping social structures has become crucial for businesses (marketing).
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    Sep 20 2013: Market killer, Big govt only makes bigger govt each turn of the election round.
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    Sep 20 2013: Very attractive.I want to steal your idea if you don't mind.
    But one really need great efforts in order to get the exact data and to collect information,it's not that easy,believe me.
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      Sep 20 2013: Go for it! I would love to see someone do this!
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        Sep 20 2013: Well...Malcolm,I am not a politician,nor a economist,i am just a student,a leaner.But who says we can't?I am convinced that innovation is better than simply copy.
  • Sep 20 2013: It would be a nice visual representation for sure. It might even bring a little more accountability to the economics of government expenditure, but,truth be told, the areas that represent the greatest money vacuums are well known. There's just very little to be done about it given the split of ideology governing it's maintenance.
  • Sep 20 2013: You mean you do not like a billion dollar super highway/bridge going to nowhere in Alaska?
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      Sep 20 2013: That is exactly what I'm talking about. I think you hit it right on the head. :-)
  • Sep 19 2013: I am not sure what we have here. Also, the problems with the American economy are very visiable using basics. I fone looks at science we have been warned long ago. Remember some people tilt any system to obtain what they want.