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Are you happier while at the computer, or while taking a walk?

By "taking a walk", I do mean taking a walk, even if just for a short while; not walking while engaging with a smart device. So, what's your experience?

P.S.: Just in case some of you misunderstand, the question is not meant so that we choose one over the other. (We do both anyhow, don't we?) It's not even so that we decide which one is better. It's about self-discovery. What's true for you? If you like to take it further, asking why would be great.


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    Oct 1 2013: What about those who are not deep thinkers?
    People that are seeking self-discovery, wisdom, growth will find the environment that helps them on their path.

    This conversation has me wondering if there proper environment to encourage people to start seeking self-discovery as appose to helping those already on their path.
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      Oct 1 2013: Don,
      I believe that we are all teachers and students in this earth school, so in every single interaction, there is an opportunity for ALL participants to teach and learn something.
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      Oct 2 2013: Don, suffering does a good job in prompting the seeking. That's my experience and what I observe of others.

      Some people start seeking as they notice profound unsatisfactoriness in ordinary experiences (Freud called it "ordinary unhappiness".). Some need a bigger prod. Then, some don't no matter what. Maybe in a future life. :-)

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