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Are you happier while at the computer, or while taking a walk?

By "taking a walk", I do mean taking a walk, even if just for a short while; not walking while engaging with a smart device. So, what's your experience?

P.S.: Just in case some of you misunderstand, the question is not meant so that we choose one over the other. (We do both anyhow, don't we?) It's not even so that we decide which one is better. It's about self-discovery. What's true for you? If you like to take it further, asking why would be great.


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    Sep 26 2013: Kumara - Yes you are indeed lucky and I envy you for living in that kind of place. Well.. I wish it is possible to be happy without having something to make us happy and it wont be a problem to find happiness. Others aren't just happy not because they are lonely but they could not find the reason to be happy.
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      Sep 26 2013: As I've come to realize, believing that we need something to be happy is itself a cause for unhappiness. Isn't that true?

      I like this quote: When wishes are few, the heart is happy. When desire ends, there is peace. (Jack Kornfield)

      So, for me, when I'm unhappy, I'd ask, "Why?" and eventually I'd see my desires. I'd also see that, with it, I suffer; without it, I'm free. I don't try to get rid of the unhappiness or.the desire that causes it. I just need to see the truth of it, and that seeing does the job,
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        Sep 30 2013: Well I guess you are right it is the cause for unhappiness. It is a very nice quotes.. I believe there will be happiness if we are contented on what we have. Someone told me the richest person in the world is the person who is contented and happy.

        "I don't try to get rid of the unhappiness or.the desire that causes it. I just need to see the truth of it, and that seeing does the job," --- What if your desire is not meant for you are still going to desire those things?
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          Sep 30 2013: If I know what's good for me, if true happiness is what I want, I allow desire to happen without acting on it. Then I can see for myself how its not a good pet to keep.

          When I don't give in to it, it persuades to be satisfied, it tries to manipulate to gets its way, it begs and fights for its dear life. All that is unpleasant. Feeding it would settle the matter, but just for a while, and it gets stronger.

          If I know what's good for me, I don't feed it. I let it do what it's meant to do, while I step aside clearly knowing it for what it is: a deceiving fabrication.

          If I feed it, it becomes stronger. If I don't, it weakens, and eventually dies. It is after all just a fabrication.
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      Sep 26 2013: There is something that can make anyone happy, and it’s not wealth or fame. (Just look at how many people are sad, despite their wealth and fame.)
      We need to shape our own desires and how we view our world.

      I see others that suffer with “only seeking reasons to be unhappy” and I try to guide them to change how they view their world. But sadly; many are stuck in their ways, and I just have to except that my limits to help them.
      So I reshaped my “desire to guide them” to “guide others that are ready to be guided”, and thus I find happiness.
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        Sep 30 2013: It is difficult to shape our desires and how we view our world it is simply because just as how a small spot of dirt is very obvious on a very clean and white clothes so are the negative things in this world are. Negative seems more like a reality and positive a fantasy.

        I'm glad you found happiness.
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          Sep 30 2013: I know that mind. It's a deception. You know that the clean and white area is much bigger, yet the mind concentrates on that small spot of dirt.

          This will help:
          “Take a moment to look around. Where is the good in this moment? Look inside and out. What’s the good within you, what’s the good outside of you? The gifts of life are truly here; we just need to come to our senses from time to time to notice them.” (Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D., PsychCentral) More here: http://blogs.psychcentral.com/mindfulness/2013/07/a-simple-practice-to-a-happier-balanced-brain/
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          Sep 30 2013: Yes it is difficult but not impossible and the reward of happiness makes it worth the effort.
          Separating things you can affect from things you can’t, and accept your limits and the challenge to act on things you can improve. If can’t remove the spot of dirt, pick-up a pen and draw a daisy around it. The taste of candy, smell of flowers, sight of a friend’s smile are not fantasies, they are realities to embrace.

          I know happiness is there in your life, and I hope you will learn to see it.
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          Oct 1 2013: Doris,
          We do indeed have challenges in our world, and the last time I checked, I don't have any influence with world leaders. I can certainly send thoughts, feelings and energy toward world peace, and my behaviors in my little part of the world can support and encourage peace and harmony. I believe that enough people working together toward changing situations in our world CAN make a difference.

          This has helped me throughout my life to separate those things that I CAN do something about.......

          "Grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference".

          "If everyone stopped the war in themselves, there would be no seeds from which war could grow".

          Here's something else you might enjoy...."life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain".
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        Oct 1 2013: I love what you say Don....we can learn." to shape our own desires and how we view our world"

        I also love.... " If can’t remove the spot of dirt, pick-up a pen and draw a daisy around it"....makes me smile.....like making lemonade from lemons:>)

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