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Are you happier while at the computer, or while taking a walk?

By "taking a walk", I do mean taking a walk, even if just for a short while; not walking while engaging with a smart device. So, what's your experience?

P.S.: Just in case some of you misunderstand, the question is not meant so that we choose one over the other. (We do both anyhow, don't we?) It's not even so that we decide which one is better. It's about self-discovery. What's true for you? If you like to take it further, asking why would be great.


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  • Sep 26 2013: I like my walks.. because it gives me a chance to stretch my limbs and exercise.
    Also, I get to see things. I prefer it because it seems more natural although I do not favour it.

    I like spending time on my pc because it allows me to explore what I otherwise wouldn't.
    It also helps me respond to educational assessments.

    What about you?
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      Sep 27 2013: I'm clearly happier without the mental noise which is only possible when not engaged in activities requiring gross thinking.
      • Sep 27 2013: And yet, you speak of it... this gross thinking...
        Makes me wonder what it really is.
        And how do you tell you are without the mental noise?

        In my experience, I work in the disability sector yet I do not see disability of those around me. I work when I work and sleep when I sleep. I enjoy the sound of crickets in the night and sounds of wind and water and find them good to soak and relax in.

        I must admit a thought finds me here and there... but it comes and goes on its own accord. However, as to whether that is mental noise, I do not know.
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          Sep 27 2013: When there is no mental noise, it's just quiet. Peacefully, contentedly quiet.

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