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Are you happier while at the computer, or while taking a walk?

By "taking a walk", I do mean taking a walk, even if just for a short while; not walking while engaging with a smart device. So, what's your experience?

P.S.: Just in case some of you misunderstand, the question is not meant so that we choose one over the other. (We do both anyhow, don't we?) It's not even so that we decide which one is better. It's about self-discovery. What's true for you? If you like to take it further, asking why would be great.


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    Sep 23 2013: If the computer has just provided messages that are unwelcome or bearing bad news then I am not happy .... If I am walking in a high crime zone ... I am not happy.

    Most events are cause and effect determined. I am a firm believer in the "Choose the right" theory. If when given a choice or option if I choose to do the right thing my life will be less complicated. These are not easy options. I consider them moral and ethical actions.

    Pay my bills, obey the laws of God and man, help your fellow man when given the opportunity, live my life with honor and dignity, and above all know who I am and learn to like that person.

    Where I am or what I am doing does not determine my happiness. Life is much greater than that one event.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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      Sep 24 2013: "live my life with honor and dignity"

      I like that!
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      Sep 24 2013: Robert, you bring up some great points.

      Our environment does affect our happiness, although we often can’t choose are environment we can choose to shape it and how we view it. A computer can help you learn or harm, each of us has the power to shape that environment.

      For example (that also connects to "Choose the right") last year when learning I had Viking Ancestry on the computer I also learned about “the Nine Noble Virtues” and have been using them to shape my life.
      Courage, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Self-Reliance, Industriousness, Perseverance and Truth (AI: I always seek to discover, see, and accept the truth.)

      And we should try to shape our walks and the walks of others when possible; via planting, cleaning, improving the lighting, adding art, etc.

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