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Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff has canceled a state visit to the U.S. over reports that the NSA snooped on her mails, text messages, etc

The trip was expected to be a platform for deals on oil exploration and biofuels technology, and Brazil's potential purchase of fighter jets from Chicago-based Boeing Co. The defense contract worth more than $4 billion that Boeing is seeking for the sale of 36 F-18 fighter jets to the Brazilian Air Force could be the main victim of the spying affair. Brazilian officials have said Brazil cannot buy such strategic aircraft from a country it cannot trust. Loss of jobs and job opportunities for US companies.

Reports state that Homeland Security and Drug enforcement tap and record three time as many conversations.

Some countries have the nerve to stand up and express their ire while others both act and laugh behind our backs.

Our foreign policy is a failed mission ... American Diplomacy is a failed mission ... our economy is failing ..., the only media in the world that supports all of these failures is the USA media.

Are these countries correct ... should the USA re-evaluate its policies or continue along the path we are now on.

  • Sep 19 2013: Tis too late for re-evaluation of policies......the demons have run amok.......while we have been sleeping in the Media Industrial Complex.
    • Sep 19 2013: Scott Bell for President...

      You've won the HITS THE NAIL ON THE HEAD award....
  • Sep 19 2013: Makes sense to me While we know counties spy on each other, hers wasn't the country that was caught. Why not be indignent?
    • Sep 19 2013: But George,
      It is wrong what the United States, the UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand
      are doing. The lady has to show to her peoples... Ooooops!!!
      Awww Heck George... You are right... Indignent.....

      You've won the HITS THE NAIL ON THE HEAD award also.
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    Lejan .

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    Sep 18 2013: There is a saying, that nations never have friends, they only have interests.

    And even though this seems to be true, there is no evidence that this is a natural, unchangeable constant.

    Those 'realities' are nothing but the result of decisions made by a view, yet if we move beyond those limitations in the interest of 'the people' who actually form those nations, true friendship will become an option for sure.

    Your given example of the 'Loss of jobs and job opportunities for US companies' on this fighter jet deal, is, compared to the size and economy of your country, nothing but peanuts. The military industrial complex is the least to worry about, unfortunately, so it should not be part of any serious consideration about your question.

    Actually, your question is quite simple to answer provided, the given saying should become a relict of the past.

    As if it should, just consider what it takes for someone to become your friend, a good friend, and what it takes in terms of behavior and honesty, to earn this potential. From there anything else just falls into place naturally...

    And from my personal perspective... yes, please do re-evaluate your policies and the path you are on now. Externally and internally, as I am highly concerned about the health of your democracy, especially since 9/11 and the true values of your constitution. I have made many friends and met great people in your country and I know 'this' isn't them!
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      Sep 19 2013: I tend to disagree that the 4 billion dollar deal is peanuts and should not be of concern. The order may be the difference of if the plant stays open or closes ... that impacts many people ... not just at the plant ... but also stores, schools, housing markets, car sales, and so forth 25,000 employees could means as many as 100,000 in the community.

      Our Congress and administrators stated that the NSA / DEA / others that are spying on us are looking for terrorists and drug dealers. So they think that the president of Brazil is either a drug dealer or a terrorist. I do not blame her ... I would also be offended if I was in her position.

      I hold a court order is necessary to conduct this type of spying ... if you can not find evidence that justifies further investigation then all efforts must cease. We are in the least transparent period of US history and decisions are being made through Executive Orders and by passing Congress. You are justified in having concerns about Democracy and the health of the Constitution.

      The problem is that the incidents would reflect poorly just prior to elections The spin doctors are working overtime to remove Hillary's name from the Secretary of State screw ups and some low level will be fired for the Brazil issue. It is always someone else's fault.

      As usual it always comes down to ego, politics, and money.

      Thanks for the response. Bob.
  • Sep 27 2013: Did I fall asleep?

    Official Proclamation *** OFFICIAL NOTICE ***
    It has just been announced that all Citizens must provide Finger Prints within 30 days.
    A DNA sample taken from a cheek swab is also required to be submitted with your prints.
    Armed Officers will visit your homes and work places to take your Finger Prints and DNA.
    Please act responsibly and comply when the Armed Officers arrive to do their jobs.
    Refusal to comply is a Government Offense with a 10,000 fine and 4 years incarceration.
    A picture ID is required. Only Government issued picture ID will be accepted as valid.

    Gestopo bulletin No. xxxvi
  • Sep 25 2013: Robert:
    "Are these countries correct ... should the USA re-evaluate its policies or continue along the path we are now on."
    No. Because they won't. It is the people who should stop it. They are the Constitution, they are the country. They
    are the power. Take it back. Use it wisely, correctly and humanely.
    They are the humans who know what is right and wrong but are doing nothing and your question continues
    acquiescing the power to those have it and who continually and increasingly abuse it.
    It is up to American'ts to stop this. It is their country, not the country of those in power.
    Why can't you Amerikans see this? What in the world is wrong with all of you?
    You choose the fear over what you truly know inside your inner being. You choose doubt over action.
    You choose faith in liars, murderers, psycho and sociopaths and you choose authority over the truth.
    They say it, it must be true. We must have and provide 100% complete proof before we act or take any action because of what we fear could happen(what they tells us will happen) if we are wrong!! Bollocks. It's all right in front of your repeatedly-slapped-faces. It smells like it, looks like it and is like it and you can't smell it, see it or know it.
    THAT is a dangerous place to have arrived at.
  • Sep 23 2013: SO THAT WE KNOW... IN THE UK ... 13 YEARS AGO
    Saturday 2 December 2000
    One little tiny article in the Observer...

    'In the interests of verifying the accuracy of data specifically provided
    for either intelligence or evidential purposes, BLAH BLAH BLAH
    Britain's intelligence services were seeking powers
    to seize all records of telephone calls,
    emails and internet connections
    made by every person living in the United Kingdom.

    Plans were being made to build a new data warehouse that
    would be run along similar lines to the National DNA Database
    for profiles of 'known criminals'.

    Communication Service Providers
    such as telephone or internet companies,
    would be under an obligation to retain the original data supplied
    for a period of seven years (7 Years),
    or for as long as the Prosecuting Authority directs.
    Roger Gaspar, deputy director-general
    National Criminal Intelligence Service,
    The overseer of criminal intelligence in the United Kingdom.
    started the ball rolling with his report, on behalf of --
    the Association of Chief Police Officers,
    the HM Customs and Excise,
    the Security Service,
    the Secret Intelligence Service
    the GCHQ.
    A spokesman for NCIS refused to be drawn on the report, as he said --
    'I am not going to comment on a classified document that is in unauthorized hands.

    More secrets and lies...
  • Sep 21 2013: I agree that governments are always spying on each other and on their citizens as well.
    But the alarming things are that with the tremendous development of the internet media in both speed and volume, that our bureaucrats are simply lagging far behind in the capacity of what to do with the information they got. They got vast amount of data, but there are a few computing geeks and data analyzers to make sense of the data. In a panic or great urgency, they would grab all the techies they could lay their hands on. Then they got, with or without vetting, SPIES, such as Snowden, or KILLERS, such as Alexis, or various other incompetents who spy on everyone domestic or foreign as long as they are in the data they collected, BUT THE REAL TERRORISTS such as the Boston bombers and others.
    It's like a rich capitalist bought large quantity of new machinery, but lacks the technological personnel to put these machines together so that he can produce some goods of value that he can sell.
  • Sep 20 2013: Think that there were multiple reasons for the cancellation. The NSA was one but almost anyone with a brain knew every government was spying on as many people as they could. Some of the other reasons were that the economy in Brazil is in trouble and the riots were a lot worse than reported by the American Press and from what I hear from my friends in Brazil that the World Cup may well be in trouble and they are way behind for the Olympics in 2016.

    I believe the Brazil was betting that their GDP was going to continue to grow from 10-12 percent per year and they lost the bet.
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    Sep 20 2013: You're right about a potential loss to the economy, 4 billion is a major loss especially to the financial sector that might have run projections. The States should really look at repairing their relationships with South America, it's in your own street.

    Do you think that each administration that comes to power look to be clueless? Inexperienced? My own govt has lost a lot of money but conveniently hides it in the open but my countrymen are willfully blind, in fact they are so blind they are intent on wining the America's cup held in San Fran this weekend that they don't realize that it's going to cost my home city 2 billion to refurbish the port for it if "IF" we win it off Oracle team Usa.

    I'm hoping we lose so that we don't foot the bill for something that will turn into a media circus for the govt to go public and state that it will bring in at least 3 billion in business for the city.

    San Franciscans were promised the same rubbish but are realistically only going to see 1/3 of the projected amount of business and will be left with a whopping big bill. I really hope we don't win.

    9/11 really screwed you guys over when it comes to your right to privacy,, when Bushes Admin tried to bring in the TIA and found that you guys really didn't want it they found other avenues to legally take your private information. There's some act or clause that states that the govt can order any company to divulge all it's data on people under a gag order. Facebook, Google, and all the rest periodically hand over data. I think twitter was the only one that fought back and won.

    The most damning phrase that has come out of the 9/11 early years.

    "Terms and Conditions may apply"
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    Sep 19 2013: Lets see, the dumbing down of the electorate, the 4th Estate becoming the Ministry of Propaganda, the gutting of the constittution, I see no other opinion then to tiptoe through the tulips....
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      Sep 20 2013: I was not surprised to see that this story did not make a lead story on the government run press. I am very surprised that the media is being handled so easy. When the socialist / communist take over is complete they will be gathered up ... three things happen on day one 1) media controlled 2) libraries closed 3) education goes under the state and indoctrination begins .... all the rest is very ugly and real bad.

      Once again history lessons ignored.
  • Sep 19 2013: Are these countries correct ... ???

    Should the USA re-evaluate its policies or continue along the path we are now on... ???
    RE-EVALUATE .. HELL !!! ..The USA better start looking for a hole to hide in.

    Those Damned Democrat and Republican Party Leaders are the ones at fault.

    I will bet you all that you cannot name the Party Leaders who are letting the US Army,
    and their NSA spy on you and the rest of the world, lo these last 45 years...
    Name them !!!

    They solicit the money to pay the Media for their Ads every day of the year.
    They decide in back rooms who will be the Candidates.
    They care not who wins.
    They split the Government.

    We have NO foreign policy. Only a WAR machine. Bully Politics.

    Our economy is gone, only debt remains.

    Like the UK when the Pound Sterling lost it's reserve status and peoples suffered,
    The United States is soon to have it's Dollar lose it's reserve status. Look Out !!!
    Already other nations are making trade agreements not backed by the Dollar.

    I wanted to blame the Voters, but they just follow the Media and their Polls.
    The nightly news is bought and paid for, every word.
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      Sep 20 2013: Good argument. However, I do blame the voters. You can read the label that is on the kool ade .. if you don't like it ... don't drink it.

      Hell where we were going and what was happening was out in the open ... Help the poor ... and they bought that even knowing that his Aunt and Uncle were in the country illegally and on welfare ... that alone should have told you he was lying all the time.

      Yep you are right ... we are going down the drain. Of the 41 points the communist manifesto claimed would destroy the United States only two have not been achieved ... gun control ... and anarchy. The democrats are working hard to achieve those.

      "We will take over the USA and never fire a shot" .... Nikita Khrushchev.

      I do not have to run for President on the Communist Part Ticket. The democrats will do it for me. Chairman of the Communist Party of the USA Gus Hall.
      • Sep 20 2013: Robert, I find it funny --
        that the US Government forgot that; what the NSA was doing, "was Wrong" !!!!.

        The NSA, after the first several years of operations, with several Congress' and
        Administrations not restricting them, must have thought that their spying and
        surveillances had been accepted, and that no one seemed to mind.

        Like most unregulated activities, limits are tested to see how far they can go,
        and if they don't get caught, then the sky's the limit, Wall Street teaches that.

        So the NSA's actions were expanded using a false premise as a bedrock foundation.
        Today 45 years later. And $Trillions of Secret Dollars spent, the NSA wants to
        expand "big time"... ..World-wide, including the USA's citizens.

        We can measure the size of the Bad Ideas by the number of US Government
        Employees who hold Top Secret and Cryptographic Clearances. 850,000.
        That is a lot of Secrets and Surveillances.

        Kind of Crazy. ..A truly insane idea. ..The USA's own Gestopo. Sick....
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    Sep 19 2013: We are all human. One person or a group of persons try to paint another or 'others' as the 'devil', the 'sinister' folk, the 'bad' guy that has to be checked because of his/her harmful tendencies.
    What we now have is illussions of everything that is good and noble. Lies embellished as truths; liars pretending to be custodians of truth; and the illussions of justice.

    We all need Jesus in times like this.