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How to justify migration from plastic to paper/glass for owners of big industries?

Industry owners play a big role in plastic pollution. Lots of plastic is used and discarded in different steps of production the last of which is the plastic packaging that the consumer discards. So I think an important issue for those concerned about plastic pollution is to convince these company owners to substitute plastic with paper or glass where possible.
Considering the fact that plastic is cheap -cheaper than glass or paper- how is it possible to convince them?

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    Apr 19 2011: Changing the status quo is often very difficult. Plastic is less likely to shatter and thus supply waste or lost product than glass might. However, if, in the case of glass containers you can demonstrate a tangible advantage- for example- if the container could be reused within the consumer's household for another purpose and carry an advertising message that would reinforce the company's logo or message it might be an attractive option.
    Many years ago companies offered different products in glass containers that could be collected as drinking glasses for the home. People who were watching their spending often tried to collect entire sets of the glasses and were thereby motivated to buy more of the product.
    As to swtiching to paper packaging- my only idea would be to have imprinted on the paper packaging something that would make it valuable to the consumer such as board games or board game pieces that were collectable or puzzles or instructions about how to use the packaging material to create something of use like a paper airplane.
    I hope this might be helpful.
  • Apr 17 2011: Hello,
    I think the need for switching is evident, some people see it, other don´t.
    Safoora, you probably have an intrest derived from ambiental purposes which in my opinion should be the only ones arroun! Hehe, nevertheless, as you well said, big business people aren´t that much into this way of thinking, they´re into money.
    Now, I don´t think money is bad, quite on the contrary, I think it can be a great weapon for those of us who want to meet certain goals! So try to think in terms of money and you´ll come closer to their heads.. hmmm

    What does my company wan´t? TO MAKE MONEEY! haha oh my,, ok ok.
    so: what are you innecesarily spending your money on?
    .. EMPLOYEES!! .. oh my.. no no,,
    Look, all theese plastic cups you buy, get one use and are then thrown away! Don´t you think you could "higher your profit margin" if you cut on cup spendings? Maybe cheaper, paper, or mug/per employee could really earn you more MONEEY!!

    Aand theres another thing that could definitley work:
    There are other things that increase a companies value, besides physically recieving profit from normal operations.. and these, even more nowadays in which a companies image is so valuable, you can talk about the following idea:
    "Dear Company: If you really compromise to the usage of such and such biodegradable materials, (be it paper cups, water saving facilities, heat saving infrastructure, OR socialy aware campaigns, ANYTHING that is flat out possitive for society CAN become an added value which the company can exploit!..
    So for example "Fedex uses only biodegradable material in its envelopes!!" Make a little logo or something, and Fedex just might captivate a nice crowd!

    So I really hope I helped,
    TED: 10/10