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Wonder Women: Sex, Power, and the Quest for perfection.

This is a new book by Debrah Sparr the President of Barnard College and former Professor of the Harvard School of Business. She was recently interviewed on NPR and CBS news.

Her ideas and views are refreshing. Please watch and listen to the following.

Please provide your impression. Could she give a TED Talk?

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    Sep 21 2013: Hi Robert,

    The CBS thing .. it's like eating second-hand food - and we know what that is ;) And we don't even get 2 slices of bread!

    Arr ..look the CBS thing is making me want to vomit - if you genuinely want to know about this - read the book. Or better still talk to my wife - she started an online new-mother's group and explored the continuum of the fertile woman in the modern urban reality - to the n'th degree - I'll send a link if you really want to know.

    From my perspective as a progressive male human - I can tell you what I think about "feminism" or any other kind of "ism" ..

    And for the casual observer .. just remember - this whole discussion is framed within the assumption that "jobs" are the entire universe - and.. well, that's slavery.
    If slavery is OK for you .. then .. hey - those outside of it can do anything they want with you - all the way from your brain to your gonads. You will not only consent to it - you will applaud it.

    TED talk .. I think yes - let it be presented first-hand.
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    Sep 21 2013: I recently read a behavior economics study that mentioned that both men and women preferred to work in a job with a male boss. They quantified the preference to be worth $3,000 in income, meaning people were willing to earn that much least for a male were the boss.
    I will add a link to the research when I locate it.
  • Sep 19 2013: People have different skills But most of us want our co-workers to carry their own weight.