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NYC 2040 What should (or will) NYC look like 27 years down the road?

There's two parts to this question. One is an industry mix question - NYC's economy today is dominated by finance, which is scary both because financial profits have been so high over the last couple decades relative to historical norms and because it's never healthy to have a city dominated by one industry. How do we move away from this model and what else should the business of New York be?

Part II of this is that the city has been designed to attract financial services professionals. In what ways should we move away from this, and how do you balance this need with not wanting to kill the golden goose, which has done a lot of good for the city?


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      Sep 26 2013: just downtown...
    • Sep 26 2013: ...."but in the end mother nature will respond to a country which fails to respond to its own warnings," nice way of putting it! Absolutely the truth.
    • Sep 28 2013: Yes, I agree.
      We humans have a chance, now a slim one, but we have always had this chance, to change, adjust and learn
      with compassion, empathy and humility toward all, and we have not.
      So, MotherF Nature will do so without mercy.
      And, just wondering Carolyn, is it okay to say, "sorry to be such a "drowner"?

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