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We should include a subject on human relationships and emotions, probably called Human Science, in the core curriculum of our schools.

All of the world's problems stem from our failure to understand our emotions and feelings, and also our failure to understand the nuances of human relationships. If we can only teach our children how to make and maintain meaningful relationships, most of our problems would disappear to a large extent.

Agreed that there will still be exceptional cases where, in spite of the right emotional nurture, certain individuals will still make the wrong choices in life, but we can't ignore the huge difference in the life of millions! Just image, fewer divorces, fewer failures in love, fewer broken hearts, and certainly lesser crime!

We are teaching our children to be better doctors, engineers and other professions, but unfortunately we are missing out the main aspect of their upbringing: Being Human! Perhaps there was a time when we did not need to have to teach our children to be human, but seeing how capitalism has effectively dehumanized us, I strong believe it's time we start teaching our children how to be human and humane once again.

Your views on the subject will be truly insightful for me and also everyone on TED.


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    Sep 20 2013: This is a good idea. But it should build on a foundation of human relationship that must have been set from good homes.
    The best place for children to learn about human relationships is from fathers and mothers leading by example.
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      Sep 21 2013: Hi Feyisayo. Thank you for your views. I totally agree that these things are best learnt at home from fathers and mothers. However, what do you have to say about families where both parents work and they hardly have time for their children? It's not uncommon these days for parents to put their children in playschools as early just a year old.

      Perhaps this is why we need to teach our children to be human again. To remind them and ourselves too that money and careers aren't everything in life. It's not possible to teach adults to sacrifice their careers to spend more time with their children. But it's definitely easier and absolutely worth it if we can teach our children to value relationships so that when they become parents tomorrow they would be good examples to their children.

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