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We should include a subject on human relationships and emotions, probably called Human Science, in the core curriculum of our schools.

All of the world's problems stem from our failure to understand our emotions and feelings, and also our failure to understand the nuances of human relationships. If we can only teach our children how to make and maintain meaningful relationships, most of our problems would disappear to a large extent.

Agreed that there will still be exceptional cases where, in spite of the right emotional nurture, certain individuals will still make the wrong choices in life, but we can't ignore the huge difference in the life of millions! Just image, fewer divorces, fewer failures in love, fewer broken hearts, and certainly lesser crime!

We are teaching our children to be better doctors, engineers and other professions, but unfortunately we are missing out the main aspect of their upbringing: Being Human! Perhaps there was a time when we did not need to have to teach our children to be human, but seeing how capitalism has effectively dehumanized us, I strong believe it's time we start teaching our children how to be human and humane once again.

Your views on the subject will be truly insightful for me and also everyone on TED.


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    Sep 20 2013: Yes, companies offer all kinds of such classes tapping on human nature and relations to create better employees: assertiveness, leadership, conflict management, dealing with difficult customers, violence in the work place, team building, sexual harassment...training for supervisors including the different types of human personalities...and how to deal with them. By teaching human behavior in schools at levels adjusted to the age of the children should improve their understanding of others. Teaching basic psychology would increase awareness and tolerance for others based on understating people's motivation to act the way they do.
    As a side note, I actually I just remember now that growing up in Easter Europe we used to get a grade for 'Behavior' that was included in calculating our overall grade all the way to the high school level. The grade was an evaluation of your behavior in interacting with your peers and teachers. I think that came from the socialist/communist ideas of creating perfect citizens. They don't have that here in US.
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      Sep 20 2013: Thank you for that valuable insight Anairda. You've made an excellent point here that we need to teach human behavior in schools adjusted to the age of the children, and it shouldn't be just a grade but a core subject in schools. The world needs people who understand the feelings and emotions of others and tolerates them. This is especially need in the context of globalization.

      The world is getting smaller and so is our social life. I don't know if you have noticed but we no longer spend time with our neighbors. We would rather be glued to our TV sets, laptops or smartphones. We are living in a virtual world today on facebook and twitter. It's time we learn to be human again. :)

      Coming to our forms of government, I'm strongly inclined to conclude that democracy has failed to achieve its goals. Along with education it's time for us to also think of a better form of government. Democracy worked well in Athens with a smaller, well educated electorate. But in the context of today's world democracy won't work because they are too many variables and way too many people to get a consensus to do anything good in the society. I digress! This topic would make an entire conversation in itself. But I feel we need to take the best concepts of every form of government and come up something more relevant to today's world.

      Every form of government had a role to play in history and there are good lessons to learn from each. Communism had it's role in social awakening. Democracy had its part to play in liberating countries like India from slavery and colonialism and also to free human kind from the evils of apartheid and inequality but it did give rise to a monster: capitalism. I just got hold of a copy of The Communist Manifesto. There's no harm in seeing if there are any good things we can adapt from communism. :) We have to be open in our thoughts and our approach.

      Thank you for your valuable views. I really appreciate it!

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