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(RE-) Wild stray dogs in Romania

Well, in light of recent events in Romania (a bit more than a few people being attacked by stray dogs in Bucharest and other cities around the country), a new bill was passed in parliament motioning the capture and accommodation of canines for 14 days, meanwhile allowing adoption, followed by their killing by euthanasia. These are min, 65.000 dogs in Bucharest alone.

Neither national or international adoption seem to be able to cope with the flood of dog lives needing saving. There are only few shelters and space is by far insufficient, as is the time to build new ones. Worst of all, even if kept alive in shelters, the canines would lead a miserable life, being restrained and cared for shallowly by people merely awaiting their passing away. This would also not be a long term solution as new pups would ever be brought to cities by people in the country side whose around-the-house pets would breed. Naturally better thought out and implemented laws, together with an interested, informed and involved population could prevent this. However, that is a very long term solution for a country where rural poverty sometimes deters from access to basic utilities.

So for now, I saw this and thought of an experiment of REWILDING. Namely, were it possible to free a number of canines in a piece of otherwise wild environment, border it as a reservation and have it kept under observation by specialists. We used to have wolves in Romania, for many years and they went extinct or migrated and then came back. Now it is said there are some still, but I'm not sure. In any case, the impact on the natural environment might not be negative as e.g. dogs in Australia, as they are both subspecies of the Canis Lupus.

I wanted to ask whether anyone has a more expert opinion on that, whether you believe it possible to find people interested in conducting this experiment, funding for it and so on. It's pretty urgent.

Also please contact me if you want to adopt a friendly stray.

Thanks loads

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    Sep 20 2013: And arrange your people and dogs to take the rabies vaccine.
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    Sep 19 2013: Where I live in Central Portugal, stray dogs are all around, though I doubt as much as in Romania. Rural poverty accounts for few being sterilised so the populations of stray dogs scrounging a living still grows. Foreign incomers, "Estrangeiros" (Dutch, English such as myself, Belgian, German, etc) often take pity on one or two stray dogs and adopt them and have them sterilised. But it is not enough.
    While out in a more remote part of Portugal last year, I came across a pack of big "Estrela" mountain dogs - just like a pack of wolves with a lead-dog plus 7 or 8 followers. They looked hungry; a scary moment. Last year (I think) the Portuguese government sanctioned hunters to kill them off. You say there are 65,000 stray dogs in Bucharest alone. That is A LOT of stray dogs. The starting solution I am afraid is probably to cull them (kill them systematically) until the numbers are more manageable. Paying local farmers to have dogs sterilised would help too.
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    Sep 19 2013: I really feel sorry about the stray dogs. I‘ve adopted 2 stray cats and I like dogs too.I can only say if they are overpopulated and live in poor conditions, your government should take quick steps to have them sterilized as soon as possible.