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To what extent do the ends justify the means?

Fairly straight forward question, I think. I encourage you to ask for clarification though. One possible "end" that you could talk about the means for is science (touched on in the Milgram experiment). How far should our experiments go before we can justify the knowledge of the results? You can definitely use your own examples; that was just a possible route.

Possible routes:
Means: torturing someone; Ends: information for national security


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  • Sep 19 2013: When I face this kind of deep-thought problem, a lot of pieces of ideas spread out of my head. Everyone might have their own standard which was set by their personal values. End could not be justified when it does harm to others. Because nowadays we are living together so we cannot think of being alone since all people are interconnected. It is impossible to take apart from one another.

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