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TED talk discussion groups

I've started running a weekly TED talk discussion group in my hometown, an it's something I think other people might be interested in emulating. My formula has been showing 2 talks, usually related to each other in some way, with a total length of under 30 minutes. That way, it's not too much information to hold in your head, and we've had a lot of great conversations about how we can maybe take these 'Ideas Worth Spreading' and have them make a more concrete change in our lives.

I'd like to encourage others to consider hosting something like this in their own towns - I do mine at a coffee shop where I bring in a projector and a screen, but it's possible to do it from a large laptop if the group is smaller. So far, the list of talks I've done is here (feel free to steal them, since it's a non-trivial time commitment to find appropriate, matching talks that are under 30 minutes total):



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    Sep 16 2013: Hey this is great. Thank you for this. I coordinate a number of youth groups (youth clubs and university centres) and this idea is really interesting. I will certainly "steal" your idea if you don't mind. Also like the poster.Very attractive.
    • Sep 17 2013: Let me know how it goes! And so long as it's in the same 'under 30 minutes total' format, let me know if you guys come up with good talk sets!
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        Sep 17 2013: Great. I'll certainly keep you up-to-date. We've done a number of activities particularly for university students like "The Economist" evening (reading an article from "The Economist" and commenting) or book clubs, cine-forums, etc. But I like this. I'll see how I get on and will tell you. Thanks

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