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In school can, and should, "Emotional Intelligence" be taught?

Read the brief New York Times article before you share your ideas about this. Well beyond the scope of the three R's, does this usurp parental responsibility?


Closing Statement from edward long

19 Tedsters offered 91 comments on the question. 33 Thumbs-up. Read them all to see the clear trend. Educators do not see EI as an appropriate curriculum item. The day-to-day handling of individual issues of emotional turmoil is part of the teacher's lot in life and most of them agree they call for privacy, and the public airing of the details of a students home life is not proper. Folks who grew into adulthood without "normal" family support and guidance see the real need for teaching children, in class along with reading and writing, how to manage their emotions. Some say it takes a village to raise a child, others say it takes a family. The NYT link is biased in favor of teaching EI in school. Empathy figured in as did usurpation. A spirited, polarized discussion. Thanks to the contributors.

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  • Sep 23 2013: Emotional intelligence can be taught but this is not your typical classroom curriculum where the teacher stands on the board or flashes something on the screen. I believe this requires a personal touch.. in a very small group. Emotion "education" requires people to talk about their emotions and you as a teacher give feedback regarding those "feelings". You just cannot do something like that in a usual classroom setting. It doesn't usurp parental responsibility because you are teaching these kids something that is "positive" in society and will be universally accepted. Its a different thing when you talk about sex education for example... some parents don't want schools to teach this and is willing to take up the burden of education their child regarding sex. Teaching children positive emotional responses is something i think all humans will agree upon.
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      Sep 23 2013: Agreed, Jeff. I doubt if anyone argues that learning to manage one's emotions is not an essential life skill. Your idea is for teachers to be responsible, and able, to teach EI in class using very small groups and not as a Lesson Plan item in every class. Many here have commented that not all teachers are able to manage their own emotions. Do you think there should be assessment and training for all teachers as a qualification for employment? Thanks for your well-spoken view on this matter.

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