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What is 'Mind'?

If the surrounding is observed carefully, by surrounding I mean,
everything that we perceive through our senses, which includes our own
body as well, we will find out that whatever we consider as outer world
is actually impressions in our mind. Everything that we experience, experience in our mind. No, It
does not stipulate that everything, physical, is mere illusion. It is
all together the different chapter and not included here. {The illusion concept is
contradicted by someone who says that if anyone calls physical
existence an illusion, must be beaten with a stick on his head, till his
head starts paining and bleeding.}

Here the main point to question is, What the mind actually is, which is having the impressions? What is it made up of? I want to have all
the details possible about it described by various religious texts,
science, psychologies and so on.

{Who is that
thinking within me? Who is that thinking about mind? Does mind think
about itself?...These are the possible targeted I want to have answers}.


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  • Oct 17 2013: Jumping into this without reading all the comments so this may have already been mentioned; arguably the best treatment of this question, compiled into a 5 DVD collection, is "Consciousness" - about 20 interviews from experts in several disciplines; related to the "Toward A Science of Consciousness Conference" and the University of Arizona, in Tucson, AZ, USA. Anyway, this is the most interesting question posed in TED.com that I’ve seen, and I’m bookmarking it read it in-depth later.

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