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What is 'Mind'?

If the surrounding is observed carefully, by surrounding I mean,
everything that we perceive through our senses, which includes our own
body as well, we will find out that whatever we consider as outer world
is actually impressions in our mind. Everything that we experience, experience in our mind. No, It
does not stipulate that everything, physical, is mere illusion. It is
all together the different chapter and not included here. {The illusion concept is
contradicted by someone who says that if anyone calls physical
existence an illusion, must be beaten with a stick on his head, till his
head starts paining and bleeding.}

Here the main point to question is, What the mind actually is, which is having the impressions? What is it made up of? I want to have all
the details possible about it described by various religious texts,
science, psychologies and so on.

{Who is that
thinking within me? Who is that thinking about mind? Does mind think
about itself?...These are the possible targeted I want to have answers}.

  • Oct 14 2013: Thanks to the exponentially advancing technologies, tremendous amounts of information about the human brain, its structure, its components, how they are connected, what they do, etc. is available, but not how they work together TO FORM MIND.

    DICHOTOMIZED OPERATING SYSTEM (DOS) is the first model that explains what mind is, how it works, how it develops over time and why do we have it.

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    Lejan .

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    Sep 19 2013: So far, 'mind' appears to me the result out of a highly connected network of impulse processing, which complexity level and interconnectivity reached a critical point, at which the 'processing of signals' feedbacks into itself by which it creates stable pattern of 'interaction' who then elevate and manifest themselves to a level of self-awareness.

    Without those 'stable pattern' of recursive feedback loops, of which memory is a vital part of, it wasn't likely to remain this 'mind' within a state at which it was able to 'recognize' itself as such.

    Even though each of our neurons is by itself nothing but a simple 'signal processor' and not 'aware' about itself as such, the interactive 'pattern' of many of those simple 'processors' which come into being are of sheer complexity.

    To me this is somewhat similar to fractal geometry, to have something to compare it to. There, a simple equation in which a series of numbers runs through and get calculated within and the resulting geometric 'pattern' can be of breathtaking beauty and complexity.

    Those 'pattern' often result out of a single, simple and non-linear equation which do nothing but 'stepping' through a process of calculations, which, in comparison a single neuron may do as well, even though this comparison my not be completely valid.

    Now imagine what would happen if many of those 'equations' get connected with many others and began to influence each other. The evolving 'pictures' or 'pattern' of such networks would become of multi-dimensions and the overall level of interacting complexity of much higher magnitude compared to those of a single equation.

    And out of a certain magnitude of complexity it seems to me, that the creation of 'mind' hops into existence by itself, and as being a 'resulting pattern' of signals, it finds itself quite helpless to understand or grasp the origin of its very self.

    And 'me' being a picture wasn't bad at all ... :o)
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      Sep 26 2013: Thanks for replying. I am currently reading will try to understand and reply.
  • Oct 18 2013: The mind is the collective synthesis.thoughts of Everything you would never do swirling with everything you choose to do . An infinite pool of organised randomonium . The full spectrum of your thought capability. Don't be afraid of your thoughts but do be mindful of your actions.
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    Oct 18 2013: .

    Mind is our brain on action of processing data .
    Brain is created according to our DNA.
  • Oct 17 2013: Jumping into this without reading all the comments so this may have already been mentioned; arguably the best treatment of this question, compiled into a 5 DVD collection, is "Consciousness" - about 20 interviews from experts in several disciplines; related to the "Toward A Science of Consciousness Conference" and the University of Arizona, in Tucson, AZ, USA. Anyway, this is the most interesting question posed in that I’ve seen, and I’m bookmarking it read it in-depth later.
  • Sep 28 2013: Surely, you are the one seeking. I see no mind there.

    Tell me what is your definition of mind? You mention mind cannot discover mind... where did you get that from?
    If that is true, why are we having this discussion of something that cannot even be discovered?
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    Sep 27 2013: Dear Noor,

    As far as I know, the feeling of self is a by-product of higher brain functions that constitute cognition, mind and consciousness. It's a reflection.
    Have you not seen bears, faces or other figures in clouds?
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    Sep 26 2013: The question you have asked I have never thought of it, but since you have asked me, My reply is yes Without mind one can live.
  • Sep 26 2013: The brain stores information they say. That has been scientifically proven.
    You did not say brain but used the word 'mind' instead.
    You could not find mind but could find your brain.
    So I do not think your brain is mind.
    How do you feel about this discovery?
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      Sep 27 2013: Mind can not discover mind, like eye can not see eye?

      How about, who is trying to discover about mind within me? My mind?
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    Sep 25 2013: For me Mind has always been very complex, I believe that mind is a receptor Just like tv who does its function the way genetically it is made from inside i.e. chemical composition. ideas, anger, creativity, emotions and attitude etc are around us no matter how much you think of behaving smart, funny, arrogant, caring but the chemical composition will ultimately bring out the real mind behaviour in front. though you may not like your this behaviour, you try to change and then you become silent.
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      Sep 26 2013: Do you feel, that without mind also, one can live?
  • Sep 25 2013: where is your mind? can you show it to me before I answer you?
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      Sep 26 2013: I dont know, where is mind! If it is there or not. I think, its just a faculty because of which we feel past, present and future because it stores information that it receives.
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    Sep 24 2013: Noor,, MIND does not exists... Believe me !
    By physical mean Brain is there with all net kind neurons connectivity and electricity impulses triggered by chemical reactions ( dont really know biology).... who directs it... who directs to RBC or WBC... who directs to Heart to beat.. who directs nostrils and lungs to intake oxygen... These all are happening in nature, naturally, as a whole, unitedly !
    bcoz of CONSCIOUSNESS... all things are getting their energy from this unknown so called consciousness.. the funny thing is that we (as a human) thinks we are doing this and that but its not ture... Mind is nothing but a logical form of our collected thoughts and knowledge till date since the childhood. Its also a matter, a material thing.. coz a material things can not produce a non-material thing. in very subtle state this MIND ( Mann or Dil in Hindi or urdu) is also a material thing along with its all activities.. for example you are you when you see yourself , when you think about yourself you never think you are combination of a different things,, but when any other sees you he/she can see your hand, your head, your legs and other organs, with separation.

    likewise, Noor ! Mind is what we used to say to our existence. It is an illusion which does not exists in real,, but commands our life,, we are pure consciousness... we are the witness of all happenings including mind activities (thinking & thoughts & logical decisions). This virtual mind or non virtual body organs are our servants but are controlling us as a master.... :)
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      Sep 26 2013: Hmmm,

      First of all thanks for a long and nice reply.

      I am thinking about it and will reply you after sometime.
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    Sep 20 2013: Edge has a book called Mind which you might find useful. It is edited by John Brockman.