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What is freedom to you?

Everybody has their own definition of freedom, not only this is a question I'm curious about, but it's also an idea. What is freedom to you?

To me, freedom is not only being free, but feeling free; to do, to say, to be, to literally (anything) - whatsoever and however, wherever and whenever. Because I am myself, and only I own me, therefore I can, so come what may, I believe I am free, free as a bird.

What about you?

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  • Oct 11 2013: Freedom is the ability to make decisions without external influence, notice I did not use the word "any". Since you live inside an environment and that environment affects you, most of your decisions are influenced in some amount by that environment, so it limits your freedom in some measure. Absolute freedom requires absolute isolation, which makes it impossible.

    There are 4 things you need in order to be free, first of all, you need a constant and secure supply of food, without that freedom is simply not possible, no one can be free with an empty belly. Second, you need knowledge, freedom without knowledge is just a fantasy, is just as trying to walk in a room full of stuff at night with the lights off. Third, you need a self imposed discipline, freedom without self discipline leads you to self destruction, anything from obesity to drug abuse and everything in between can happen and will happen to you if you exercise your freedom without a self imposed discipline. And finally responsibility, freedom without responsibility is debauchery, it makes you harm others in all sorts of ways from mental to physical, think it for a second and realize a criminal is someone who exercised their freedom without responsibility.

    So, to be free does not mean you can do whatever you want when you want. It means to do the right thing when is right to do so.

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