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Will Watson become Hal?

It's so amazing what IBM's Watson can do now, its potential boundless in its problem solving capacity. In a hundred years, will it have a "conscience" by then?

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    Sep 27 2013: I expect AI to arise. And I hope it will become far more intelligent than the brightest of minds put together.
    I cannot imagine such an AI not having a conscience.
    I cannot see theoretical problems with the possibility of AI.
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    Gord G

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    Sep 21 2013: Watson is already like Hal. Hal is a fictional character in a movie that generated hype. Watson is a fictional character on a TV program that generated hype. Neither actually performs to the level of their hype. :-)
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    Sep 17 2013: What about Google? As we sit here Google is collecting information from hundreds of millions of computers all over the world. That represents processing power superior to any other entity. One day it might start making your decisions for you.☺
  • Sep 17 2013: It is unlikely that Watson will develop into HAL, in a way such that Watson would be considered a direct ancestor of HAL. However, the methods and techniques used for Watson will almost certainly be seen as a major step in the development of artificial intelligence.
  • Sep 16 2013: No...but perhaps ask Watson.