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What if... Someone invented teleport...

What if... someone invent teleport.

Basically you can teleport anything or anyone anywhere on earth, maybe even to moon or Mars, just ignore all technological difficulties for now.

The question is, what would be economical consequences, with teleport we don't need any transport and all related businesses are not needed. Lots of people would lose their job. At the same time this bring almost unlimited opportunities and grow.

Also should inventor give for free blue prints to build teleport to anyone without any control or hide it so no one would do anything stupid as people are not ready for this kind of technology ?



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  • Oct 11 2013: It will all depend on the cost of the process, which I guess won't be affordable for all. The energy required to move a ton of mass will in most cases be a lot smaller than the energy required to teleport it, so very few will loose their jobs, if any. Also I wouldn't be very concerned with the inventor releasing the blue prints, since the technology may be affordable for anyone, but not the amount of energy needed to make it work. The cost of the energy will also prevent people from doing stupid things with it.

    I rather be concerned by other questions, for example: if you teleport a living animal will it still be alife? or the process implies necessarily the death of the animal?... if you teleport a human being and they survive the process, will they still be the same person?

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