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What if... Someone invented teleport...

What if... someone invent teleport.

Basically you can teleport anything or anyone anywhere on earth, maybe even to moon or Mars, just ignore all technological difficulties for now.

The question is, what would be economical consequences, with teleport we don't need any transport and all related businesses are not needed. Lots of people would lose their job. At the same time this bring almost unlimited opportunities and grow.

Also should inventor give for free blue prints to build teleport to anyone without any control or hide it so no one would do anything stupid as people are not ready for this kind of technology ?


  • Sep 19 2013: If someone invented teleport no body would know because the government would immediately take it and then hide it from the public. Then when people start spreading these rumors then everyone would take it as just a myth.
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    Sep 17 2013: i play in second life game the teleportation is real there for my avatar ,this link ,proved that the teleportation is real ,just the question of soul still the biggest riddle to the science ,i think the theory of teleportation prove the theory of the soul more.
    • Sep 20 2013: My understanding of teleporters is that they would work by copying and destroying the original thing that is teleported. What comes out the other side is a syntheticly manufactured copy.
      If a person is copyed/replicated exactly, atom by atom, including the physical brain, would the non physical mind be replicated as well?
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        Sep 30 2013: we have two possibilities only the experience can prove it what we're far from it now ,first if we can teleporting the body we'll need a teleportation of our spirit with it too!! ,the second posssibility is if the spirit will fellow the body after a perfect teleportation of it like inevitability of the spirit to fellow his body in this univers.
  • Oct 11 2013: It will all depend on the cost of the process, which I guess won't be affordable for all. The energy required to move a ton of mass will in most cases be a lot smaller than the energy required to teleport it, so very few will loose their jobs, if any. Also I wouldn't be very concerned with the inventor releasing the blue prints, since the technology may be affordable for anyone, but not the amount of energy needed to make it work. The cost of the energy will also prevent people from doing stupid things with it.

    I rather be concerned by other questions, for example: if you teleport a living animal will it still be alife? or the process implies necessarily the death of the animal?... if you teleport a human being and they survive the process, will they still be the same person?
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    Sep 30 2013: I think at that time, other technologies will be advanced too. So I'd like to believe the just party of humans would still outmanoeuvre the evil party over applying the teleport. Every technology's naissance should be in accordance with the development of the society. I don't want to be so pessimistic about the future of it because we have developed so many new technologies successfully.
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    Sep 29 2013: Telephone was invented to make life easy, but the industrialist have made everyone life busy. Teleport will make everyone's life more busy and under surveillance. Sorry but no more inventions our life is already messed up.
  • Da Way

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    Sep 29 2013: It would be banned, I think.

    It is very difficult to keep a technology contained once it is invented. Once it is leaked, bad people would be amogst the first to get their hands on it.

    If you could teleport anything anywhere just with a set of destination coordinates, imagine if I wanted to assassinate someone, I just have to teleport an ice cube into the cordinates of their brain/heart, it would cause instant death without leaving a trace. If someone has both a nuclear bomb and a teleportation device in their possession, imagine the threat they can pose.
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    Gord G

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    Sep 21 2013: If the constraints of time and space are eliminated, all measurable datum for current economic models would be wiped out. If you could be any where at any given time, you would actually be no where and every where at the same time. In addition, if you can teleport through a worm hole, there is the potential to exist in a dimension that doesn't have a Starbucks.
  • Sep 20 2013: no matter what teleport,it couldn't be as changeable as human's mind.invented omniponent teleport is just an illusion.
  • Sep 20 2013: Criminals would be hard to catch.

    Being present only helps in some instances with business. You would still be limited to 24 hours in one day.

    Taxes on teleports and their use would be very high.

    Dial-up fresh food delivery would be a booming business.
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    Adam G

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    Sep 19 2013: So kind of summary:

    - would be minimal due to slowness of adapting teleport into society and allowing people and industries to change.
    - Less time spend exercising - but I think would be same as with digital cameras, people would still exercise anyway as there is pleasure in travelling.

    - due to new and almost unlimited ways of transporting goods and people, also interplanetary which makes mining new minerals and discoveries easier.
    - Spread people to whole galaxy - opening unlimited opportunities

    Open technology ?
    - Based on years of research and millions of dollars spend this technology would be patented and wouldn't be available for free to everyone
    - Also probably restricted by government

    Imagine what would happened if someone actually invented this and give to everyone for free to build. Chaos ?
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    Sep 18 2013: If you read some of the scientific literature, they already embarked on the experiment but still no to avail. Perhaps the technology may be emerged as a new frontier in another 50 to 100 years ahead.

    The side effects are anticipated. The same goes with the old camera. The old film type camera already towards extinction but people manage to cope with the transition of the new technology. Who knows, the revolutionaries shall dampen the public transport and converted it as an outdated technology in the future.

    Any new technology shall goes for patent. I don't think so the scientist will freely distributed the new technology after years of study and spending million of dollar to set up the prototype. Maybe after 5 to 10 years the global community shall enjoy the technology freely without copyright infringement risk.
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    Sep 18 2013: If we assume that creating artificial atmosphere for a planet is possible,with the possibility of teleportation. In that case humans would spread their footprint all across the galaxy.There would be Inter planetary trade systems, resources exchange companies, employment etc ..... which is economically beneficial.
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    Sep 17 2013: Ask the same set of questions but substitute any major, life-changing invention in human history for teleporting.
  • Sep 17 2013: The obvious affect on transportation industry is clear but there are some interesting side affects. Today, when we go out to eat, see a play, go to the beach, your office, etc. we are limited by the distance and time. Go back 100 years and most people were born, lived, and died within a circle of 30 miles. Today we move but live close to work or in an area that provides what we want in amenities.

    With this, one could live in the mountains and commute to an office in New York, Hong Kong, etc. Go to a new restaurant in Paris or Budapest. Go to a play opening in London. All this without the lose of time due to travel. The affect on the local economy would be huge.
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    Sep 17 2013: Another possibility is that people will have less body exercise due to the teleport, business man are so busy with their work that they will lose some good body exercise --- they walk or run to get to the stations or bus stops. So maybe some Gyms or body-shaping centers will be more popular at that time.
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    Sep 17 2013: I think after the teleport is invented, other trasportations can be complementary means of travel. Because sometimes people enjoy some on-the-way sceneries and the good feeling of being involved in the nature when being transported. For example,people may still like to ride bicycles to go a trip or go around to have a good view of some places in the sunshine and fresh air,some people also like to take a train to enjoy a long journey to meet different people and sceneries. I think with the teleport ,there will be less pollution and jam on the road for these people as well as a faster logistics distribution .
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    Sep 16 2013: i definitely want to attend a new year party with geoffrey fourmyle of ceres
  • Sep 16 2013: Assuming its economical (as in, it doesn't cost more than transporting goods by truck or what not), and living things survive it (though it would have plenty of applications even without that), it'll do to the transport industry what the car did to the horse drawn wagon.
    It'll probably take a while for the world to make the shift, but it'll happen eventually, and quite gradually.
    Everyone in the transport industry wouldn't loose their jobs overnight, but lets just say that they'd be wise to jump ship early. Like journalists are doing with printed press right now as its slowly collapsing.

    If you manage to keep its secrets however, your group could easily come to dominate the world until someone else develops one. That might take a year or it might take a century, no way of knowing.

    The military consequences are also unpleasant. Being able to teleport warheads across the globe with the push of a button, with the defender completely helpless...
    The only possible protection would be the threat of retaliation, therefore killing both parties. We'd be back to the days of the cold war, except that instead of nuclear weapons, any random group with a teleporter would do, and a lot of those are less rational then the US or USSR's leaderships. That is, unless the technology requires a receiver device as well as a transmitter, in which case we're good (as long as the receiver isn't small enough to be smuggled into a country by a small team that is).

    As you can see, the practical limitations of the technology are quite the decisive factor, as is how secret the initial inventor would keep it. It could be world changing, or a scientific curiosity that won't change a thing.