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What if... Someone invented teleport...

What if... someone invent teleport.

Basically you can teleport anything or anyone anywhere on earth, maybe even to moon or Mars, just ignore all technological difficulties for now.

The question is, what would be economical consequences, with teleport we don't need any transport and all related businesses are not needed. Lots of people would lose their job. At the same time this bring almost unlimited opportunities and grow.

Also should inventor give for free blue prints to build teleport to anyone without any control or hide it so no one would do anything stupid as people are not ready for this kind of technology ?



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    Sep 19 2013: So kind of summary:

    - would be minimal due to slowness of adapting teleport into society and allowing people and industries to change.
    - Less time spend exercising - but I think would be same as with digital cameras, people would still exercise anyway as there is pleasure in travelling.

    - due to new and almost unlimited ways of transporting goods and people, also interplanetary which makes mining new minerals and discoveries easier.
    - Spread people to whole galaxy - opening unlimited opportunities

    Open technology ?
    - Based on years of research and millions of dollars spend this technology would be patented and wouldn't be available for free to everyone
    - Also probably restricted by government

    Imagine what would happened if someone actually invented this and give to everyone for free to build. Chaos ?

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