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Should priests be allowed to marry?

When Pope Francis' No. 2, Archbishop Pietro Parolin, said last week that the church's policy on celibate clergy is up for discussion, some analysts saw it as a shift in Vatican thinking.

I ask the TED International Community ... Is this good?


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  • Sep 23 2013: There is a larger social priestly impact regarding your question... when a person becomes a priest, he is suppose to be ready to accept celibacy. Becoming a priest means you "marry" into the church. You concentrate your life on the church, you concentrate on your flock, your congregation and think of nothing else but God and your people.

    But humans are not perfect... we do fall in love, lust, sin all the time. Now a priest may want to marry but decide against it mainly because he has educated himself to be a priest for a very long time... he might no longer adapt to the real world once he leaves the church. You cannot earn income with the skills of a religious clergy-out-of-church. They might not have any skills at all besides what they have learned from the church.. so they are reluctant to leave and marry; and therefore any other forbiddenned "activities" will have to be kept secret... and the problem starts there.

    The question of is it good or not is difficult to answer. Personally after reflecting on this issue... i just feel that "is it good?" is somehow a wrong question to ask..
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      Sep 25 2013: I think you bring out a very valid point...........that of earning an income........

      It made me think of this question............Where did a paid clergy come from?............Certainly not from the first century model of Christianity that we find in the scriptures.

      May I also clarify what Robert said in his OP?
      When he says "is it good", he is referring to "a shift in Vatican thinking"........the pronoun "it", I believe, is directly related to his previous sentence. I may be wrong........but I don't think so.
      Read it again, and see if you see it differently now.

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