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Should priests be allowed to marry?

When Pope Francis' No. 2, Archbishop Pietro Parolin, said last week that the church's policy on celibate clergy is up for discussion, some analysts saw it as a shift in Vatican thinking.

I ask the TED International Community ... Is this good?


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    Sep 17 2013: I dont know who invented that rules but I strongly believe that God did not forbid priest to marry since priest in the Bible times were allowed to marry. Gift of a celibacy is an individual calling from God just like Paul who didn't marry for the sake of the Gospel. I think priest should have the freedom to choose whether they want to marry or not. Priest who want to marry should not be condemned. I don't think family is a hindrance of doing God's will because our family is our first mission. How can a person lead a multitude number of people if he don't know how to lead his own family.
    • Sep 18 2013: The origin of the Latin priestly custom is purely within the Latin world. Before Rome schismed away from the Church in the 11th century, it had to admit that a married priesthood was perfectly legitimate. Once Rome fell into schism, it could pretend that its unusual customs were normative.

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