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Is hard working attitude a given or gain-able? And how can one change?

Well, i am very arrogant and over confident by design. I assume over confidence is something i caught after repeatedly getting false praises from people who are easily impressed. This attitude is starting to get on my nerves because it just hampers my routine, surprisingly however, it works wonders for me. I can top my class without touching my books simply because i am confident enough to articulate what is on my mind. And here i go again, arrogance. And i'll be honest with you, i am not the hard working kind at all. I get frustrated if i can't understand things at the first go and often start doing questions without even reading the concept, i sometimes succeed, but it naturally results in shallow understanding of the topic and confusion. If i can't do something, it is very degrading and results in yet again, frustration. On the other hand, my sister accepts that she is no god, is modest and works hard. I wish to change, but can't understand how. Is this an innate character or something i can change? Cause if i could, it would do me a ton of good. Because of the assumption that i am the best or i can't do wrong, i had created a shell around me, but now that i am conscious of what i am doing, i over think everything and can no longer truly appreciate compliments i deserve or work for because i simply assume that the person is easily impressed and i need to work harder.
I would really love if i could change this stupid attitude of mine and work instead of assume.

Thank you! :)


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    Sep 16 2013: To me, it's really all in your head. Get out of it, that's the best advice you could ever get.
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      Sep 16 2013: Khalid,
      I followed the link on your profile and read your story. KUDOS TO YOU and welcome to TED:>)

      Did you by any chance see Janine Shepherd's talk? You might enjoy it.

      One thing that helped me a lot after a near fatal head/brain injury, was reading about other people's challenges. It often helped put things in perspective for me. I realized that if people could face SO many incredible challenges, I could probably face it as well:>)
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        Sep 17 2013: Whoa, Colleen, thank you so much.

        I'll take a look at that!

        You can face anything, anyhow!
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          Sep 18 2013: I agree Khalid, that we have the strength and courage to change things in our lives, face many different challenges, and I think/feel it begins with a belief in ourselves. It also helps to have encouragement and support from those around us:>)

          Change our thinking, which may change our feelings, which may change our life experience.
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        Sep 18 2013: I watched the video, that was truly beautiful. Thank you so much.
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          Sep 18 2013: I thought you might connect with Janine and her story Khalid. After reading your story, it seemed like there were lots of similarities.

          I admire your perseverance, determination and strength in facing your challenge as you are doing. I suspect there may be times when you don't feel so strong, and may be frustrated with the challenge. Underneath that however, you apparently have a very strong foundation of love and support.

          Sending you loving, healing energy Khalid, and I hope you continue to stay in touch with us here on Ted because you have a LOT to offer:>)
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        Sep 18 2013: Hopefully, I do.

        Thank you so much, it's true, everyone feels weak sometimes. But it's all a little phase, it passes by you and you just keep pushing farther.

        God bless.
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          Sep 18 2013: You are amazing Khalid, and I am honored to know you. Thanks for being you, and sharing the gift with us:>)
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        Sep 18 2013: You are the best.
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          Sep 18 2013: No....YOU are the best.......

          OK.....let's be "best" together....all of us....Elizabeth......Yash....everyone on this comment thread.....everyone on TED......and beyond:>)
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        Sep 19 2013: Sounds great to me.

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