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Toward Planetary Peace

Each person throughout the world likely would have a personal peace definition and would hold ideals for achieving, even if one’s experience is limited. For each person there is a test: “Which do you truthfully, honestly desire—peace or war?” It seems reasonable to assume the vast majority would choose peace, as the world has had too much war; humankind is learning a better option is desirable.

We will not have peace until the majority population from each nation desires peace and as nations, give up sovereignty to a one world authority granted by the majority of nations. Any nation refusing to give up sovereignty would face the threat of world authority to comply. There must be strong incentive to join the larger group.

Nationalism is a concept developed over long time periods and is a natural evolution of thought. Nation favoritism is prejudicial, racist and is loaded with superiority lacking love and respect. We cannot avoid evolution of thought, but we can visualize and work toward a better world with love at the heart of technical, scientific, educational, financial, religious and social improvements. The details would be extensive, seemingly beyond imagination and overwhelming, but slowly we MUST work toward high planetary ideals of quality relationships.

We will see much tribulation, conflict, and sadly earned wisdom if nations fail to abandon national superiority and if we fail to learn the greater wisdom of group discussion. The United Nations is not large enough and is not constituted as a final world authority to give us real peace. Sooner or later people who resort to terror tactics will finally learn there is no gain with bloody terror. The larger wisdom from men and women who desire peace in their hearts is the pathway to world settlement in peace and this larger wisdom must come from nations gathering together in world authority for common planetary benefit.

Eternal peaceful benefits are too numerous to ignore!


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  • Oct 13 2013: I'm not quite sure that the majority of people "really want" peace. Sure, people say they want peace - when "war" is the only alternative mentioned, but when you look at what people actually do with their free time and money, it seems that what their [indoctrinated] wants are: to be comfortably numb, & to have their basic nasal-itches scratched. As we've been taught, "If you can't see beyond your nose, it's because nothing else is out there; so don't worry about trying to slowly and carefully build strong relationships & societies which may actually be beyond your personal sight - just buy a coke and a smile, eh."
    You see this wish for a peaceful world in the number of people who have quit their anti-personnel mine-making jobs in favor of driving ice-cream trucks.

    When will we have peace? When we learn to consider others' needs in lieu of our wants; maybe when we learn to roll with the punches and look for value in our attacker's own humanity; and maybe when we see that we also hurt others - and decide to change that.
    What are you sacrificing and what of-you are you willing to sacrifice? Because you don't earn anything or spend anything; everything you "have" is ripped out of the earth, and anything in your bank is empty ones and zeroes, (with no gold or silver or silver-greyishly-tinted tinnish-sounding flatware to "back" it).
    • Oct 13 2013: Steve, you may very well be correct that the majority of people do not want peace, perhaps because of the reasons you cite. How many people have given careful thought about the pathway to peace, or thought about what peace could achieve?

      Achieving peace means no war; rather, conflicts are resolved by mutual negotiation and judgments of higher courts for the benefit of all. It is planetary wide benefit that must be sought.

      I don't have faith in selfish human priorities; my faith is built on spiritual ideals. Man cannot live by bread alone, which as I understand means relying totally on the material aspects for meaning and satisfaction. Mind is the arena in which we experience life and it is within mind we have thoughts and ideals. Mind ministry from "above" is needed to drive and also to attract mankind to higher life values. Destroying one another in war is fruitless and leads only to more war.

      We need leaders who will brave up to higher ideals and stand firm on progress to peace.

      Consider how valuable is peace when we would use resources for other than war purposes. Consider the greater personal and national security in homes, jobs, communities, free time recreation, creativity and other life aspects if we would achieve peace. We need leaders to help people of all nations to see the benefits.

      Your questions seem to affirm the baseless waste of war; we are robbed of hope if we do not see a spiritual way out of purely human methods.

      Peace is worthy of prayer for guidance.

      Thank you for your comments!

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