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Toward Planetary Peace

Each person throughout the world likely would have a personal peace definition and would hold ideals for achieving, even if one’s experience is limited. For each person there is a test: “Which do you truthfully, honestly desire—peace or war?” It seems reasonable to assume the vast majority would choose peace, as the world has had too much war; humankind is learning a better option is desirable.

We will not have peace until the majority population from each nation desires peace and as nations, give up sovereignty to a one world authority granted by the majority of nations. Any nation refusing to give up sovereignty would face the threat of world authority to comply. There must be strong incentive to join the larger group.

Nationalism is a concept developed over long time periods and is a natural evolution of thought. Nation favoritism is prejudicial, racist and is loaded with superiority lacking love and respect. We cannot avoid evolution of thought, but we can visualize and work toward a better world with love at the heart of technical, scientific, educational, financial, religious and social improvements. The details would be extensive, seemingly beyond imagination and overwhelming, but slowly we MUST work toward high planetary ideals of quality relationships.

We will see much tribulation, conflict, and sadly earned wisdom if nations fail to abandon national superiority and if we fail to learn the greater wisdom of group discussion. The United Nations is not large enough and is not constituted as a final world authority to give us real peace. Sooner or later people who resort to terror tactics will finally learn there is no gain with bloody terror. The larger wisdom from men and women who desire peace in their hearts is the pathway to world settlement in peace and this larger wisdom must come from nations gathering together in world authority for common planetary benefit.

Eternal peaceful benefits are too numerous to ignore!


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    Sep 20 2013: While reading this I visualize George Soros and his one world government that he wants to head. Any nation refusing to give up sovereignty would face the threat of world authority to comply. Kinda like saying support mental health or I will kill you.

    I would be concerned that whole cultures would disappear. Brave New World could be suggested reading as well as any books suggesting Big Brother themes.

    • Sep 20 2013: Hello Bob, seems sort of harsh. Not what we'd hope for as a long term solution. The real power for positive change is spiritual and no religion anywhere contains all knowledge nor do us humans have the ability to ultimately solve our planetary problems. It is the direction of movement that matters most. For us humans to always look backward for proof of future seems futile. No matter how intelligent, we do not have the capacity to prognosticate as well as the Original Mind or angels.

      Peace is far more attractive than war because of many reasons, one being greater freedom and security for all national leaders to talk, negotiate, get to know one another better. Try that in a boiling kettle of hate and see who survives! It will take work and lots of living faith to achieve.

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