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Geniocracy and how it's government may be structured

A Geniocracy is where the wise and intelligent are in power.
A Cosmopolitan Geniocratic government would be structured with parties with a scale ranging from Geniocratic intelligence to Geniocratic wisdom Parties. All parties are equally in power and people vote for decisions rather than parties themselves to create a more trustworthy Democracy. The parties have people called High Lords who debate topics in the Hall of Lords, with them are the Representatives of Ministries making sure the High Lords stick to the Constitutions and then the Representatives (also high Lords only on a smaller scale) who look after areas of the world and update the High Lords of events. Above all these people are the Supreme Lords who are enlightened people who confirm decisions as rational. In each hall is the Pandemonium who maintains order in the decision making.

What do you think of this system?

How could I make it better?

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    Sep 18 2013: this proposal falls into the "somehow theory" category. the essence of the somehow theory is to explain unnecessary and irrelevant details thoroughly, while simply dismissing the true questions and actual problems with a "somehow".

    somehow theories are a subcategory of recreational daydreaming.
  • Sep 18 2013: I don't think such a system has much of a chance to work.
    For a start, good luck making a proper measurement out of intelligence and wisdom. IQ tests and other existing measures are woefully inadequate, and will probably remain so for the foreseeable future.

    So in this case, how do you decide who is the wiser?
    Can't be popular vote, or charisma and especially connections suddenly overshadow genius.
    Seniority? A poor way to decide such a thing.

    Remember that a leader requires certain traits beside intelligence and wisdom. The charisma to get people following him, the ability to make and maintain connections, knowledge of statecraft, avoiding the impulse to micromanage his subordinates, the good sense to listen to advisers...
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    Sep 18 2013: i agree with wisdom because it comes with perfect ethic ,intelligence must be (logical and emotional) ,Socrate in the republic by Plato suggested the wise in the gouvernace ,but if the wise won't this responsability because the goal will be the power to satisfied a need social only and the risk can induce the power to everyone,the best of gouvernance is someone born for it like the mental health of this gouvernance is someone born for it too ,to giving the best for who will born tomorrow , like the wise said.
    this link might makes you find it better ,Good Luck:)
  • Sep 16 2013: I do not think intelligence or wisdom is enough. Responsibility is needed. Look at Bernadotte and Cincinnatus.
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    Sep 15 2013: To help you think through your idea, you might want to turn your question around to ask who, or what proportion of people, do you think are not intelligent enough or wise enough to have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives.

    Another question you might ask yourself is whether there is one standard to which every thoughtful person would agree for what it means to be wise or enlightened.
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    Sep 15 2013: Why would a person of extreme high intelligence be motivated to rule over other people? History confirms the opposite.
    • Sep 28 2013: But the Human imagination has always dreamed of Geniocracy, look at Lord of the rings for example. and references have been made by prophets, holy scriptures and geniuses throughout history.
      For example, New Jerusalem is a Geniocratic city.
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        Sep 28 2013: When I say history I mean actual history. The new Jerusalem will be ruled by God according to Revelation, chapter 21.
  • Sep 15 2013: Your question:
    "How could I make it better?"

    Get rid of it.
  • Sep 15 2013: Be careful for what you ask for you might get it.