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How can newspapers survive the web

More people are getting their news off the Internet, not newspapers. Will traditional newspaper survive the web. Profit margins and monetisation is very difficult on the web. what business models can newspapers use to survive the web. is the answer in paywalls, of open access and advertising. will the revenue be enough to sustain the print media as we know it.


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  • Oct 4 2013: The discussion concerning ecology is certainly well-placed. However, there is another dimension to the problem.

    How will the death of traditional newspapers affect the quality of journalism?

    The presence of social media allows us to have somewhat accurate, brief information immediately, on the spot, as it happened, from the people that are "there". And in the modern age where time is a luxury, that is everything an average reader needs: a tweet, a status. Everyone wants the breaking story shortened and, most importantly, for free.

    A detailed analysis of a subject in a quality traditional paper is something people don't have time for. Therefore, they will not buy such newspapers. Hence, the newspaper will not be able to pay the authors of such analyses and all of this might lead to an extinction of serious journalism.

    Which is a problem.

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