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How can newspapers survive the web

More people are getting their news off the Internet, not newspapers. Will traditional newspaper survive the web. Profit margins and monetisation is very difficult on the web. what business models can newspapers use to survive the web. is the answer in paywalls, of open access and advertising. will the revenue be enough to sustain the print media as we know it.


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  • Sep 25 2013: Because of the internet, people are now used to getting "talking points" of a story in a short amount of time. Rarely do they want the details.. just tell me the who, what, when, and where. The why is often glanced over. For example, stories on CNN now give you "story highlights" for people who don't want to read the lengthy article. The longest article people might read in a day is on TMZ. With this in mind, I feel as though newspapers have to keep it short. People don't want to sit and read a story on 2A that continues on 13A. The great thing about newspapers, typically, is that they are more interested in facts. Whereas on the internet, facts are secondary to just getting information out in order to be the first to break a story on twitter. For that reason alone, I hope they persevere. However, once the kids that are growing up on facebook and twitter become adults - they may never see the need for print media besides a Vogue mag. So if anything, newspapers are safe until Justin Bieber fans grow up.

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