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How can newspapers survive the web

More people are getting their news off the Internet, not newspapers. Will traditional newspaper survive the web. Profit margins and monetisation is very difficult on the web. what business models can newspapers use to survive the web. is the answer in paywalls, of open access and advertising. will the revenue be enough to sustain the print media as we know it.


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  • Sep 22 2013: I have been saying this to people for quite some time. I have friends iwho like the paper. I buy all the papers when I go to the stands or market, from the wall street journal, Ny Times, Boston, Providence, because (I know I am a freak) I happen to like the smell of them, and honestly they are comforting in some odd and peculiar way.
    As one of the countries esteemed and respected Abstract Impressionists; I would certainly give the reader some value like provide limited edition Art Prints that will accrue value over time like (Rockwells- Evening Edition Prints) Hell I have characters that would hook any consumer as they are appealing. I also would hold art contests. Ad a section for our youth to write about many topics. These are a couple and I am afraid if you want anymore you will have to put me under contract. But. I will always buy them even though I have been bad about reading them, My assistants are always trying to throw them out.I don't know why they ever stopped the newspaper drives that they had when i was a kid, they were great and I would volunteer at the truck; They would pull up these huge trucks and have people come down with all of their News Papers and magazines and load them into the trucks after bundling them. They were then given to local businesses for packaging and wrapping glassware and other fragile consumer goods. So this was like35 years ago you would think they would still do these paper drives. I think the papers should hold them and repulp the paper. Well Thats all for now. There are always options.

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