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How can newspapers survive the web

More people are getting their news off the Internet, not newspapers. Will traditional newspaper survive the web. Profit margins and monetisation is very difficult on the web. what business models can newspapers use to survive the web. is the answer in paywalls, of open access and advertising. will the revenue be enough to sustain the print media as we know it.


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  • Sep 15 2013: This issue is applied to that of books. More e-books are developing but still some prefer the paper one. I am also that kind of person. Because the feeling of paper makes me comfortable than clicking sound in the Internet. My family has subscribed the paper newspaper for a long while. This helps us read in a more balanced way. There are possibilities to be biased when we read news through the Internet since people easily lean their prefer direction. As long as the people like me exist, that kind of problem does not matter so much I think:)!
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      Sep 16 2013: Yup. I'm totally agree with you. Reading via the screen for more than 30 minutes is nothing compared to genuine newspaper or books. As for the ads, both have their own market and I believe that the industry can coexist or more profitable as the ads market can be generated more in the web space.
      • Sep 17 2013: Definitely! Coexist is what we must put our priority first. You are right:) Even though technologies will develp and improve much more than this one, I am still a person who love analog thing!
    • Sep 18 2013: on top of that, all TV ads distract you easily and you will not be able to enjoy the news in right manner.
      • Sep 19 2013: That's another important point, Vishal d. Thank you:) I need time to concentrate deeply! Those things are so bothersome

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