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How can newspapers survive the web

More people are getting their news off the Internet, not newspapers. Will traditional newspaper survive the web. Profit margins and monetisation is very difficult on the web. what business models can newspapers use to survive the web. is the answer in paywalls, of open access and advertising. will the revenue be enough to sustain the print media as we know it.


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  • Sep 15 2013: Good question. I was traveling through New Mexico and West Texas this summer and would pickup the ledgers for each town that happened to have one. Almost all had a front page with the Story of the week but the articles were rewritten. I liked the style of the re written stories as they were more neutral than our local paper. They were less politically motivated without sounding left most of the time or to the right some of the time. The paper didn't perceive themselves an unelected governing body of the town. They didn't elect to choose sides for the readers or as our liberal paper likes to do or do boring multi page exposes that cast some conspiratorial question about a problem so they can answer it. Some had more depth of story as it related to local legislation or a dignitary making a rural stop in. I quit reading our hometown newspaper simple because they couldn't deliver the paper as promised when a special event occurred. This caused me to migrate away but the local paper didn't care if I was a customer or not. But I have often thought why our paper didn't have inserts of facts in stories. Word balloons of information even if related to another story further along in the paper. It seems the staff is lazy with their layout. Newspapers would be more relevant if they hired web page designers to design their story layouts. It would be more interesting to read if they had some web sites they would pull articles like a calendar of some upcoming TED Talks or quotes from bloggers built into rewritten stories. Also they should stop cramming their own bias about the news stories and getting the pulse of the town they write about wrong. Their job is to report the news. Not give opinion. I would also like it it if they would put all the inserts in a plastic bag or paper bag. I absolutely hate cleaning up the mess and trying to catch the adds from falling out of the Sunday paper. I would rather not buy it than have to deal with the mess. And you can quote me on that!

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