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How Can We Make TED Attractive To Children?

TED has changed my perspective on many aspects of life. I am inspired to do many things, but I sometimes feel it is too late. Making lifelong decisions is part of growing up, and I truly feel a resource like TED can help one make those decisions.

These decisions must be made in one's early stages in life: as a child/teen. TED talks are relatively sophisticated and require a high degree of maturity and intellect to fully grasp; competencies which are made available over time.

How can we gear the Talks towards children, and help them understand how vast our world is, and their opportunities are? I sure wish I knew about TED when I was younger; but the sad thing is, I think that even if I did, I would get bored very quickly simply because I would not understand.

I am interested in your opinions and thoughts so I can try to implement some tactics in my local community.


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    Apr 14 2011: Great idea - let us do it. My proposal: let kids give talks, let kids choose their topics, let them moderate and let them film. then kids will watch and comment. for sure this TEDxKID will be so interesting a lot parents will watch it - and of course other children.

    new chances for the youth, the freedom to engage and to explain will result in innovation and responsibility surprising us. have a look at "inter-cool" on the youth going to museums, a similar challenge. http://tinyurl.com/5wrqgeq
    • Apr 15 2011: Fantastic idea. I think the key will be to ensure that it doesn't feel contrived like many of the educational children's programs of the past that were supposedly written by "kids" for kids.

      I like this concept a great deal. Youth inspiring youth; we'd be speaking to each other with relevant issues in mind in the same language.

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