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How Can We Make TED Attractive To Children?

TED has changed my perspective on many aspects of life. I am inspired to do many things, but I sometimes feel it is too late. Making lifelong decisions is part of growing up, and I truly feel a resource like TED can help one make those decisions.

These decisions must be made in one's early stages in life: as a child/teen. TED talks are relatively sophisticated and require a high degree of maturity and intellect to fully grasp; competencies which are made available over time.

How can we gear the Talks towards children, and help them understand how vast our world is, and their opportunities are? I sure wish I knew about TED when I was younger; but the sad thing is, I think that even if I did, I would get bored very quickly simply because I would not understand.

I am interested in your opinions and thoughts so I can try to implement some tactics in my local community.


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    Apr 14 2011: Children is somewhat of a broad term, however, I am not sure that children are not necessarily not interested in TED. Children seem to be naturally inquisitive, and want to learn more, but that seems to fade for some when they reach their later teen years. The 'questioning our environment' concept is present throughout our lives though. I feel that if children had more exposure to new ideas from TED, that they would be responsive to them. I didn't read all of the comments on this post, but I would think talking to local schools, or individual teachers could make a huge impact on the awareness of the site, and children's decision making/thought process in general. Everyone is curious about something, it just needs to be sparked in that individual, and I feel that TED has something to offer everyone. Exposure is key though. If anyone of any age doesn't know that this site is here, what are the chances that they will stumble upon it themselves and be that curious without some sort of guidance? I don't believe that their interest in it is the problem, but there lack of knowledge on the existence and accessibility of the ideas that TED offers.
    • Apr 15 2011: There are definitely a few teachers who are using TED videos in class. I was actually first introduced to TED by a Wade Davis video shown in History class a couple years ago...more recently, my physics teacher has used TED videos as an introduction to modern physics (ie. the LHC, superstring theory).

      I think the first step is to spread this site to school districts, and hopefully it will take off from there as more and more people in guidance positions discover TED. There's unfortunately a bit of a bias against a lot of internet video in school because the only such site that many people have been exposed to is Youtube and the various viral videos up there. However, TED's such a great repository of knowledge that it seems inevitable that it'll eventually become a mainstream educational site.

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