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Water bottle labels be made to include healthy lifestyle checklists that can be turned in in for credit like the "labels for education"

Almost everyone is aware and vocal about the American health crisis. The problem has been made clear but no solutions have really taken root. Water bottles are already a part of every household, cafeteria, break room, sports team cooler, picnic and every other place where humans congregate to eat or drink. Why not give the consumer a product that provides more than what the standard product now provides. Parents, companies, large vendors, event planners will choose this option because it has an element of support, concern, information, social responsibility and even reward built in! Both Tulsa (Walk a million miles) and OKC (lose a million pounds) have health campaigns, but have no widespread effective and cohesive method to engage, support or collect data on the effort. “I did it” easily morphs into “We Did It” through company, school, tribe, and community levels providing motivation and solidarity for promotion of healthy living.

The market is all individuals, companies, vendors, event organizers and communities who purchase and consume water from bottles. The market is flooded with products that are virtually the same. Simply taking a “cola” style product and making it “un-cola by differentiation involving health, rewards and social responsibility creates a new lane on a heavily traveled highway.

As proven by the “missing children” milk carton campaign, taking a previously underutilized space on the product packaging, “I did it” water gives consumers a reason to care, engage, and participate. Just as the “labels” and “box tops” for education have shown, Social groups will choose products and perform activism for the common good if it is easy clear and the results are measurable